Crowfall Kickstarter Launched

Crowfall, a new PC MMO that is being described as a mix of Game of Thrones and EVE Online, has just started its Kickstarter. ArtCraft Entertainment, a new studio founded by industry veterans J Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton, has decided to utilize the Kickstarter model rather than the standard developer-publisher model. They’re seeking $800,000 USD, and hope to launch the game by the end of 2016, with alpha testing starting later this summer. Below, the Kickstarter video:

Crowfall appears to be attempting to borrow the territory control aspects of EVE’s persistent universe and fuse it with fairly conventional MMORPG gameplay with Civilization-like 4X elements. There are two types of worlds in Crowfall – the Campaign Worlds, which allow players to gather resources, but only last for a few months, and the Eternal Kingdoms, which have no resources of their own but are not reset periodically in the same manner. Essentially, your Eternal Kingdom is your ‘home turf’, where you set the rules, while you gather resources and compete amongst other players (and NPCs) in Campaign Worlds. Each world takes place in a different procedurally generated world made of voxels, and the environment is highly destructible, from the dirt in the hills to the walls of your castle. Each world will have different rulesets, and varying rewards depending on the ruleset and difficulty selected for the given Campaign World.

For more details, check out the Kickstarter. You can also find the official website for the game at

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