Convicted to Leave CFC

The following message was sent on Wednesday to Convicted [AIF] by their leader, Wusti; AIF has been asked to leave the CFC for reasons which have not been publicly enumerated. AIF has experienced a high amount of corporation 'churn' recently, with more than 400 members leaving within the past three weeks. Convicted shares approximately half of Vale of the Silent with Gentleman's Agreement. This is not the first time an alliance under similar circumstances has been asked to leave the CFC; last year Black Mark, former residents of Cloud Ring, underwent a similar situation.  It appears at the time of writing that most of the AIF corps save those who most recently joined will be finding 'soft landings' with other CFC alliances. 


Ladies & Gentlemen of the Fightin’ AIF

Some of you may be wondering what is going on with the current spate of corp departures and ship movements.

There is no way to guild the lily with this news, so I’ll just get it out there straight up:

AIF will soon cease to be a CFC entity.

Debating the rights and wrongs, fairness or otherwise is utterly pointless. Our road in the CFC has not been without its bumps and hurdles over the last couple of years, since they threw us a lifeline after the Geminate Uprising.

There is also no doubt that we have been pushed – I am not gilding that lily either: AIF has been asked to leave. Pretending otherwise would also be pretty stupid. No doubt the haters will come up with a whole host of narratives as to why AIF was so “bad” that we ranked under other CFC alliances in the regard of or peers.

I say to you that way of looking at things would be the wrong way to look at it. I doubt anyone really has any misgivings with regards to our prowess. Instead it is more about a series of issues arising that made us appears to be the “redheaded step-children”, and that in GSF estimation what we provide in terms of manpower and capability has been over-balanced by shit we stir up. It’s obviously more complex than that – but I am not going to feed the conspiracy theorists.

It is what it is.

So on to the next part of this post. What does it mean for AIF, and what options do we have?

First of all, and more importantly than anything I have to say to you: Irrespective of the manner of its end, AIF has forged many friendships and affections with some members of the CFC, and it’s due to our membership that we managed to achieve financial independence and so on.


It is MANDATORY that AIF show some grace and class, and leave peacefully and without rancour.

In point of fact, GSF have given us a number of options which I will now outline:

1. We have been offered the opportunity to “WIdot” appropriate corps into a merged entity which has been invited to join GSF itself as a Goonswarm member corp.

2. Those corporations who wish to remain in the CFC will be found a place and will get my vouch into whatever CFC alliance you deem the most suitable.

3. Depart in peace, evaluate what is left and chart a new course.

I can tell you that my personal very great friend, and a guy I will miss very much, Tiala Belgar and his corps Helios Alliance have made it clear that they wish to remain in the CFC – and they stay with our blessing and my vouch. I’ll always remember our time together fondly HACE. Good luck.

Unfortunately, All 5 and FireStar Inc are too new to be considered eligible to join any potential merged corp, and so we will do our best to see you transfer to another CFC alliance, or you can wait and see what happens post exit. It’s up to you guys – please have your leadership contact me ASAP with your wishes. My apologies for this circumstance, it caught quite a few of us on the hop. Good luck guys.

As you know, IRTN is leaving us as expected.

That leaves PINOY, TNERA, VLA, RUNTS and 3-GUN who are actively removing assets as I type, and given it is probably unreasonable to make a hasty choice, we will be extracting first, and then deciding on an appropriate course of action.

No AIF member is to cause a fuss or carry on, awox or anything else. We have accepted a GSF sov transfer corporation already for the purpose of handing over space and stations peacefully.

This is the end of a long chapter in AIF’s history. I have total confidence in you guys to make the right choices moving forward, and I will do whatever is in my power to facilitate any decision you may choose to make – provided it does not jeopardise the safety or AIF pilots or assets.

Thank you for everything guys, and let’s keep it together during our extraction and be nice to each other no matter what your fellow alliance mates choose.

Goonswarm Federation CEO, Space Tyrant. Likes yoga, Alaskan Malamutes, bacon, and delegation.