Civil War in the Caldari State

The Live Events Team has been busy. Over the last few weeks, they have been weaving the story of a mad dictator in the Caldari State with in-game characters played by CCP actors, in-universe news articles and in-character forum posts on the EVE Online forums.

The Story So Far

In late November, an article was published on the EVE Online site, “Tibus Heth Shot . . .”, reporting that Tibus Heth, the dictator of the Caldari State, was shot and survived, but the domestic situation continued to deteriorate. Nothing else much happened for a few months. Then, on the 28th of January, another news report was issued that the Caldari Navy had mobilized against elements in the Caldari State. Following that, there were reports of Guristas pirates operating in the Caldari State, a civil tort case of slander (which would have proved interesting had the CCP actors fined or somehow penalized players for a purely roleplay action; nothing happened in space.) that was quashed by the Caldari Provincial Directorate—the Secret Police of Heth’s regime—and several prominent Caldari roleplay corps declaring themselves to be against Heth. Currently, there are three independent groups operating in the State: the Angel Cartel, the Guristas Pirates and Mordu’s Legion.


For those of you wanting something to shoot, the State may be the place to be. The Live Events team has admitted they have a story arc already planned out, and this seems to be a major feature of said arc. Hopefully, as the story progresses, there will be more “shooting of things in space” and less “posting words on the forums.” A quick tweet to CCP Eterne about the possibilities of space battles got the CCP version of no comment. Players interested in participating in such events should join the Live Events channel in game and check the Live Events portion of the EVE Online forums. With the growing number of Caldari roleplay alliances and corporations declaring against Heth—and it is doubtful they would do so without behind-the-scenes assurances from CCP that it would not be for naught—things are about to heat up.

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