Civil War in Amarr Militia

At 0310 EVE time on November 4th, a misunderstanding at the sun in Kourmonen resulted in a civil war within the Amarr militia. 

A joint Imperial Outlaws <I.LAW> and I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth <J4LP> fleet was roaming around Kourmonen, looking to fight a neutral cruiser fleet that was also in the area. The joint fleet was comprised of around 10 tristans, and Death By Design [URGD] was also out and offered to assist in trapping the neutrals into a fight. Death by Design informed the joint fleet that they had a neutral flying with them who was providing logistics support after it was mistakenly tackled, and it was let go.

However, [URGD] also had a neutral Vagabond with them. It was the first to land at the sun, where both fleets were meeting up, and it was pointed by the joint fleet. The rest of [URGD]'s fleet landed shortly afterwards, and reps were thrown onto the Vagabond as well as calls to stop aggression. Aggression was stopped, but not before a Fweddit tristan was dead with another in  half armor.

Soon afterward <J4LP> declared war on [URGD]. It seemed a grudge match between the two groups would work itself out with some light militia on militia violence, but a full blown civil war exploded into being when <I.LAW> also declared war on [URGD], prompting Filthy Bastards <0FCKS> to come to [URGD]'s defense. Upon hearing of the war and how it started, Team Amarrica <FUQYA> also declared war on [URGD] an hour later.

I set out to talk to the leadership involved to see why war had come to the Amarr Militia when things were starting to look so good.

Rina Kondur - I whip my slaves back and Forth

Rina Kondur is the CEO of Fweddit [FW0RT] and Executor of I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth <J4LP>, as well as one of the main FCs for the Amarr Miltia.

Raphael Saint > So, I'm guessing that the vaga incident was just the straw that broke the camel's back. What were the other straws?

Rina Kondur > It's more of just an old feud I'd seen. Relations between [URGD] and <J4LP>  ever since we entered FW have always been rough.
Rina Kondur > We've butt heads with them before, last time resulting in them dropping from milita after losing a neutral carrier.

Raphael Saint > Old scars?

Rina Kondur > Yeah, sadly its nothing amazing.
Rina Kondur > We're just a bit bored as of late and I'm weary of the same issues every couple months.
Rina Kondur > If you fly with neuts don't try to work with other allies and expect your neuts that land alone not to be shot.

Raphael Saint > Communication is key in any relationship.

Rina Kondur > Yeah.
Rina Kondur > It's not about any hard feelings or anything, at least not from us.

Raphael Saint > Not hard feelings, but fustrations over the same issues time and time again, though?

Rina Kondur > Yeah I suppose so.
Rina Kondur > Lack of content lately doesn't help either.

Raphael Saint > Idle hands
Raphael Saint > When were <J4LP> members killed, before or after they had stopped agressing the Vagabond, and how many?

Rina Kondur > One of our tristans died
Rina Kondur > I was in armor
Rina Kondur > We had a 10 man tristan fleet
Rina Kondur > Doing like 100dps a piece
Rina Kondur > No threat to a vagabond with ospreys repping it
Rina Kondur > So the response to kill people over it was a bit much imo
Rina Kondur > Our typical response is to just rep fleet members that might get shot over such misunderstandings
Rina Kondur > and just leave or jump out if possible
Rina Kondur > We also were waiting on a confirmation from pred that the vaga was in fact with them
Rina Kondur > and it came way late

Raphael Saint > Too late to save the tristan?

Rina Kondur > We had no logi or anything
Rina Kondur > and they killed the tristan after saying it was friendly

Raphael Saint > Filthy Bastards has joined the war on the side of Death By Design due to J4LP's killing of an Amarrian Militia carrier ( Any comments on the kill or the situation there?

Rina Kondur > Carrier was neutral to us as their corp had dropped alliance
Rina Kondur > and werent active in militia
Rina Kondur > Some weird bug i assume with ccp
Rina Kondur > It would be considered an awox if we were blue and/or even knew these guys
Rina Kondur > But he cyno'd 1000 km off a station

The carrier that <J4LP> killed has been a point of contention ever since it happened. <J4LP> says that the carrier was not in the militia at the time of it's killing, a claim supported by the corp's alliance history, as the carrier was killed on the 25th of October. Arguments against this stance are that <J4LP> should have recognized the corp as it has been in Amarr militia for years, and that the pilot and members of the corp had been telling <J4LP> to stop firing in the militia channel.

I've been in Amarr FW since mid-2009 and haven't enjoyed myself since. I also play around on DUST 514 from time to time.