Circle of Two Heist: 50b Stolen

In EVE Online, the female population makes up only five percent of all accounts (in theory). Some women hide their gender through voice modification or by simply not speaking on comms. Some are vocal about their gender. Some use their gender to their advantage. In EVE, with all the metagaming that goes on, any advantage you have over others can reap huge rewards.

Enter Tamzin. She has been having some fun running scams and corp thefts. On the heels of a low-sec corp takeover heist, where she was made CEO, kicked everyone, and took the assets, she broke into the big time. Kenshin, a fifty-person corp, from a minor alliance (Space Mongolians) in Geminate invited her to join their corporation. The CEO was clear with her that she would not be able to manipulate him and she would not be able to rob the corp.

Challenge Accepted

The corp's CEO was from Australia and Tamzin was from the UK, but that did not stop him from courting her from the first day he met her.

[ 2012.12.15 12:40:18 ] Tad Ghostall > where in the uk are you?
[ 2012.12.15 12:40:21 ] Tadashi Tissant > London
[ 2012.12.15 12:40:33 ] Tad Ghostall > nice... you have a sweet voice
[ 2012.12.15 12:40:37 ] Tad Ghostall > very cute
[ 2012.12.15 12:40:43 ] Tadashi Tissant > ty
[ 2012.12.15 12:40:52 ] Tadashi Tissant > im blushing now
[ 2012.12.15 12:41:23 ] Tad Ghostall > btw, im also Boris Karr,
[ 2012.12.15 12:41:40 ] Tad Ghostall > ceo of kenshin. corp
[ 2012.12.15 12:41:45 ] Tad Ghostall > and alliance deputy
[ 2012.12.15 12:46:59 ] Tad Ghostall > i should warn you in advance that im very flirty
[ 2012.12.15 12:47:25 ] Tad Ghostall > i like to say "playful"
[ 2012.12.15 12:48:28 ] Tad Ghostall > and i have a weakness for english women

Side note: talking like this is the definition of “a good mark”, so don’t do this.

Hook, line, and sinker. Seven days later, she joined their corp. That same day, she became a corp officer and was given roles. If you are taking notes on how not to be robbed, don’t ever give roles to people new to the corp. A few days later, she was a director with access to the big red button. At that point, it was only a matter of waiting for the right time to grab as much as was available. A few weeks later, with the corp on the brink of joining a new alliance and all the loose assets that entails, Tamzin’s past caught up with her.

Boris Karr had a chat with a previous mark who warned him that the Tadashi Tissant character was one of Tamzin’s and she was a serial corp thief. Complete with a play-by-play, he was told that he was about to be robbed. So, like a smart person, he stripped her of her roles. She ended up in an NPC corp for a day before she was able to talk her way back into the corp.

"I can’t believe you don’t trust me"

"I can't believe you don't trust me," she says, and it works like magic, especially with some tears for added effect. She’s back in the corp in less than a day with all the roles back shortly thereafter. However, assets don’t get freed up in the alliance switch, so she decides to sit back and play nice for a while longer.

To show I trust you, would you like to sit in a fitted Nyx?

No. I’m not kidding. Despite the warning, he invites her to bring a Gallente carrier-capable alt into corp, ejects from his Nyx, and lets her use his Nyx.

[ 2013.02.14 00:19:05 ] Tad Ghostall > dont die in the super !!!
[ 2013.02.14 00:20:16 ] Tad Ghostall > how much do you love me now?

There were rumblings of yet another alliance jump in the near future, so she continued to play nice. Kenshin was given the nod to join Circle-of-Two <CO2>. This meant moving from Geminate to Tribute, which meant piles of unlocked assets. During the corp leadership meeting to plan the move, Tamzin suggested moving all the assets to a low-sec staging system as a mid-point to make the move easier. Once again, if you are taking notes on how to not be robbed, DON’T DO THIS.

All the BPOs were unlocked and moved. Towers and POS modules were moved. Moon minerals were moved. And that Nyx was moved into place with her alt at the helm. While the directors’ meeting was ongoing, she pulled everything out of the corp hangar (EVE’s assets UI estimates this at 14 billion ISK) and drained the corp wallet of the paltry 670 million it had. Coupled with the shiny-fit Nyx, she came out with almost 50 billion ISK of stuff.

[ 2013.03.17 02:03:35 ] Tad Ghostall > did u take the corp isk and assets?
[ 2013.03.17 02:07:35 ] Tadashi Tissant > what do you think happened?
[ 2013.03.17 02:10:34 ] Tadashi Tissant > i told you at the beginning i was trouble and you knew it
[ 2013.03.17 02:23:15 ] Tad Ghostall > you just robbed me for everything
[ 2013.03.17 02:23:22 ] Tad Ghostall > i dont want you to leave at all
[ 2013.03.17 02:23:36 ] Tad Ghostall > im in love with you
[ 2013.03.17 02:23:52 ] Tad Ghostall > im heartbroken

After two months of knowing her over the Internet, he was in love. It didn’t matter that she had just robbed him blind. It is a bit funny and a bit tragic. If you are still taking notes, this is how people end up in bad relationships.

We have lost everything and must rebuild
From: Tad Ghostall
Sent: 2013.03.17 06:04
To: Kenshin.,

Hey Guys,

Looks like we all got played as fools by people we trusted.
In addition to the corp theft that occurred a few weeks back, another theft has occurred.

All corp assets, as well as most of my personal assets were stolen by someone very close to us all. I'm quite hurt and upset that this has happened again, but we will recover from this.

Approximately 50 billion isk worth of items were stolen, including my nyx super carrier and a rorqual belonging to another member. We know who is responsible and what went down.

I'm sorry for being the bearer of bad news, I'm pretty heartbroken about this. And my personal wealth and health has been affected significantly I will need all of your support to get things moving again.

Tad / Boris / Vlade

I felt bad for them until their emotion overcame rational thought (it seems to be a trend with them). They started to say things that don't need to be said and shouldn't be said (especially where they can be read by the person in question):

[ 2013.03.17 11:35:48 ] Bobbyd > all good wonder if she gave boris her address or real name, have friends over that part of the world

[ 2013.03.17 11:36:18 ] Gragnor > Just let the shank wait out her time and then watch her fuck off

[ 2013.03.17 11:36:52 ] Gragnor > Eve and betray and trecahery are her stock in trade

[ 2013.03.17 11:49:01 ] Master tyler > how does it feel, tadashi, to know that there are right in this corp 50+ people that hate you to the bottem of there hearts?

[ 2013.03.17 12:03:29 ] Gragnor > LOL - little secret, honeybunny- no one on that IP will ever be trusted again......and its is amazing what digital footprint can be traced. Seen it done in Eve by the Russians..... You are done as far as Eve is concerned. Biomass incoming.

She’s been traced and reported to the cyber police. Anyway, if you’re wondering how Tamzin is handling all of this, she’s crying all the way to the bank.

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