CFC War Update: Not Winning Fast Enough

(Editor's Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. You should definitely know this by now. This is a CFC Update from The Mittani.)
In the last two weeks of war, we have sustained only one significant welp — that was an 80 BS loss this morning in AU TZ. We have had a number of crushing victories: Z9PP, 3WE, the securing of Sov 3 in 4-EP (which hasn't turned yet, but it is now too late for the foe to contest) and the belated admission that TEST is bankrupt to the point of begging for donations. Bonus Round: The latest N3 coalition update states that their entire reason for existing is to kill the CFC, which means that by not losing we are contradicting their very identity. I have no idea why you'd base a coalition designed to defeat the CFC out of the East, but I also have no idea who Nexus Fleet and The Kadeshi are.
Things are going pretty damn well. We dominate in EU and US timezones, where a few weeks ago we did not. We can take and win fights until about 9:00 EVEtime in AU TZ, whereupon the NCdot/Scrap Iron Flotilla crew outmatches us. This means that while progress on sov structures is slow and full of punts, hostile fleets and towers are dying reliably, further draining TEST's wallet. You'll note that both the N3 update and the TEST update feature our favorite line: that the CFC is not winning fast enough, that our relentless grinding is slow, that we have 'only' taken the north chunk of Fountain. Veterans of our past wars should already be chortling. 
This week the enemy had to do one thing in the aftermath of the Z9PP and 3WE massacres: hit 4-EP with everything they have to prevent it going into Sov 3, whereafter it can be jammed and linked via bridges. They did not do this, and it is now too late; even if they siege it right this moment, 4-EP will still tick over to jammable status. We have slowed down our efforts in the past few days preparing for a 4-EP siege which hasn't come; the foe has essentially ceded Centaur and most of Pegasus to us.
Due to moon losses in Delve (to PIZZA) and Fountain (to us) and a lack of financial planning — as well as losing every Rokh not nailed down — TEST is begging on the streets while simultaneously claiming their fleets are still reimbursable. That's a major milestone in this war; unless N3/NCdot give them money to stay afloat, TEST will be running on empty indefinitely. As a result, TEST fleet composition has degraded even more; perhaps 33% of their battleship fleets contain actual battleship hulls. TEST has elected to ignore their bleeding in Delve — either by choice or by ignorance — so their situation has become ever more fragile as PIZZA takes everything in that region not nailed down. 
Meanwhile, in the east, SOLAR Fleet has begun a reconquista of their territory taken by N3. You can read a summary of that front here, or you can just chart the steady sov gains SOLAR has made on Dotlan. N3/NCdot continue to have to bounce east regularly to deal with Mactep, who is Not Going Away. 
As in Tribute, we progress by relentlessly grinding and/or massacring the foe; with the one exception of this morning, the enemy's experience these past two weeks has either been miserable boredom or being scythed down helplessly (note: this is the same strategy we've been mentioning in war updates/CEO updates this whole war, and it's working). This is reflected in their flagging will, numbers, and fleet composition. Our Siegefleets have been doing heroic work throughout this war; we conquered everything within easy capital range of B-D rapidly, and it is due to heroes like Lyris and Jose Cooper and the endless hordes of stealth bomber pilots who follow in their wake that we've pushed faster than our jammable sov would allow. While Baltecfleets might get all the big showy press during setpiece battles, it's the humble line CFCer with his hold full of torpedoes and an axe to grind who make those slaughters possible. The fleets enable one another, and together have made this war happen. 
So that's the update: we continue our slow (too slow, says the foe!) progress, the enemy is bankrupt, we have solid control of two timezones, Solar is forcing N3/NCdot to bounce east more and more, Delve is a Pizza-delivery zone, Siegefleet are Goddamned Heroes, high fives all around and keep up the slow, steady pace.


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