CFC vs DnD/LO in Bloody Venal Capital Fight

“I need carriers, supercarriers. I need the fuckin’ world in here. Let’s go!” — DBRB on comms, ~2:32.

For the past three days, CFC fleet commander DaBigRedBoat (AKA “DBRB”) has been blockading Black Legion. into their station at Venal’s K3JR-J, successfully preventing them from participating in the “Venal Campaign” being waged in the north. On the evening of January 17th, DBRB was back camping the station accompanied by a fleet of appoximately 30 allied carriers.

In an interview, DBRB alluded to some chatter on comms from Black Legion. pilots complaining “we would have got out last night but help never showed up”, so he was expecting something. He wasn’t expecting this: an Abaddon battleship undocked from the station, lit a cyno, and suddenly 30-some dreadnoughts jumped in from Faction Warfare alliances Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly (-FU-) and Lost Obsession (FATE).

“No, I was not [expecting this] at all. That’s why I was so hyper. I was expecting BL to have some kind of help but almost 30 dreads, nope.” — DBRB

Random Low-Sec Dreads Everywhere

“Wow! I did not expect carriers to die. I’m sorry. I did not expect 20 fucking pirate dreads.” — DBRB on comms, ~6:52.

Was it “just random dreads from low-sec” as DBRB opines near the start of the encounter? Low-sec, yes. Random? No. Zeerover, Lost Obsession’s fleet commander for the fight, explains what happened:

Lost Obsession and Drunk & Disorderly had an OP scheduled for 1900 Evetime with some of our pilots logging in just for that; as we were forming for the OP, DnD got intel from BL. that Goons were camping them with caps into their station.

Considering that we figured that they’d never see us coming, we quickly burned some cynos to midpoints and sorted ourselves a cyno in K3. And hell, what better way to cash in the insurance on some dreads than to obliterate some Goonswarm carriers.

Quickly said, quicker done.

Midpoint cyno gets lit, all dreads jump to the mid, quick redock for cap (while one extremely unlucky dread gets pounced off the station with a very small undock and unfortunately gets lost later in that system too) and we undock again get ready for the combat cyno - take a deep breath - and hear “CYNO UP CYNO UP”.

As soon as we load grid, siege buttons go green and targets get called with us managing to sink carriers as quickly as we can lock ’em.

This is where all Hell breaks loose and DBRD learns that not only should he hold his water, he shouldn’t go get any either. While he’s away getting a glass of water, an Abaddon appears from the station. From one battleship can apparently 30 dreadnoughts come:

“… as the drone DPS starts to hit him [the Abaddon], a cyno goes up and in comes the dreads. I of course go nuts, spam a few broadcasts and proceed to drop any and all super capitals and dreads and carriers and ibis’s we have on them.” – DBRB

Everyone Needs a “Friendly” Uncle

Where did the cyno-lighting Abaddon come from? It was owned by the aptly named Black Legion. pilot Friendly Uncle who had been stuck in the station. Not the kind of uncle DBRB probably wanted dropping in with those friends and relatives, no doubt, but he was apparently a friendly uncle to DnD. According to Sajuk Nigarra, DnD’s second in command and DND’s fleet commander for the fight, they had asked Black Legion. to light a cyno:

We knew, like all EVE knew, that Goons are camping BL in st[atio]n so we figured we have a good shot at bagging some carriers and then after 1 siege cycle jump out or dock for those who didn’t bump …

We had about 20–25 dreads and nothing else. We poked Black Legion, asked them to undock a ship with a cyno and get the carriers aggressed, which they did. We jumped, sieged and started melting carriers …

As we jumped in, CFC started pinging for titans and tbh they were a bit faster to get them on field than I expected. After about 2–3 min they were already pouring titans on field, so a fair few of our dreads got DDd.

Counting the Losses

Ship Type CFC Fleet DnD/LO BL.
Battleship 1 0 1
Capsule 3 9 1
Carrier 11 0 0
Dreadnoughts 0 17 0
Frigate 1 0 0
Heavy Assault 0 0 8
N00b 1 0 0
Totals[1] 17 26 10
Summary of losses for involved alliances

It was a short but deadly engagement. Within 6 minutes—essentially the legnth of a siege cycle—the CFC lost 11 carriers to the 17 dreadnoughts of the Lost Obsession and DnD fleet. The Black Legion. losses arose at the end as BL attempted to exit their station with a small fleet of Zealots and was pushed right back in according to DBRB: “Black Legion tried to undock with 30 guys but we forced them back into the station pretty quickly, killing 8 zealots and the camp is still going.”

On the topic of the losses, Sajuk Nigarra, DnD FC, is sanguine, evincing an excellent attitude. For his players, it’s all about the shiny ships and content:

Obviously 12 carriers killed and about 14 dread losses isn’t in our favour ISK-wise but in the end it’s about creating content and since no one else seems to want to do anything but blue up … we figured it’s up to us to stir some shit … most of us are pretty rich. I’d guess out of 14 dreads lost, 10 have already been replaced. People come to DnD and FATE because they get to fly shiny, so they are generally the kind of ppl who can afford the ocasional loss.

DBRB, CFC FC: “We managed to snag 18 total dreads, 17 in Venal on the fight and 1 going home … We lost 9 carriers to dread fire and 1 carrier to a friendly DD … I have no idea outside of maybe my stream how they knew what I was doing v0v” [2]

Zeerover, Lost Obsession FC: “After having sunk 10 carriers (9 died from us, 1 was TK’ed) and lost about 15 dreads, our single siege cycle ends and the dreads who are still alive either jump out or dock.”

Good Fight

To say the CFC fleet was jubilant and DBRB hyper is not unexpected but they gave credit where credit is due:

“Let’s go ahead and give them some high fives because that was fuckin’ pro right there … ” — DBRB on comms, ~1h36 (Twitch version).

Even the DnD and Lost Obsession commanders were pleased, despite the losses, although not always completely complimentary about the manner of DBRB’s win:

“As you can see … the Goon station camp did not expect us in and their FC’s response was accordingly shoddy—essentially only screaming for more people, more titans and more supercarriers … Good fun all around, funny to see the Goon response to something they are not prepared.” — Zeerover

“I mean most of us can replace dreads, and you don’t get to drop on CFC everyday.” - Sajuk Nigarra

See It For Yourself

DBRB had been experimenting with streaming the camp activities via his Twitch TV account so the whole battle was streamed live, complete with voice communications. You can watch it as a YouTube video or more clearly in the original Twitch TV stream starting around 1 hour 21 minutes in.

Most of the kills are summarized in this related kill report, which covers a longer than just the dreadnoughts dropping in. A more accurate overview can be obtained by looking at the K3JR-J losses between 19:03 and 19:35[1].


While watching the video and listening to the comms, you can’t help but admire some of the things that happened. One carrier pilot reshipped by going to the station and picking up a n00b ship. Another one reappeared in a Rifter he presumably had been carrying and ejected before his carrier blew. A classic fight moment happens near the end, about 08:48 in the YouTube video, where a CFC titan pilot accidentally manages to doomsday a CFC carrier (there is a great story about how that happened, but it will have to wait for another day or perhaps the comments).

The best props, however, have to go to DnD and Lost Obsession for an audacious scheme. DBRB says it best:

You know, that group [DnD/Lost Obsession] has more balls than almost any 0.0 alliance in the game right now." — DBRB on comms, ~1h36 Twitch version.


  1. Losses tabulated from overall activity in K3JR-J between 19:03–19:35 for January 17, 2013, reported at Excludes an unrelated Honey Badger Coalition capsule kill at 19:32.  ↩

  2. DBRB, by the way, if you’re reading this, they found out about the camp from your Twitch TV stream. There is such a thing as TMI but it is not such a bad thing when it obviously brings such joy to everyone involved—except perhaps to Black Legion.  ↩

  3. Moros image credit Tessen. Thanks to Mynnna and Islador for interviews and assistance.
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