CFC Holds Vile Rat Memorial NPSI Op

“Shoot Blues, Tell Vile Rat” is a phrase that has been a part of Goonswarm vernacular since time immemorial (2006), where a member of GSF would create a diplomatic incident (almost always on purpose), and then inform the head diplomat Vile Rat. This practice came to a sudden halt on September 11th, 2012, when the player behind Vile Rat was killed in an attack on the American embassy in Benghazi. In remembrance, the CFC declared a day where every blue would be shot, where the usual trappings of diplomacy would be cast aside for NPSI, or “Not Purple, Shoot It.”

The first such event happened a year ago in Tribute. Almost 3,000 ships and pods were destroyed in an orgy of blue shooting, fueled by sorrow, alcohol, and the pent up frustration of not being able to dunk assholes because they were “blue.” Fast-forward to this year and the anniversary of the Benghazi attack. Goonswarm Federation declared another day of NPSI, with the added benefit of being able to insurance scam outdated doctrine ships (Maelstroms, Caracals, etc).

The official announcement by Goonswarm FC TheAdj:

Once again it is time to blast the ever-living fuck out of each other despite being blue! A few bullet point comments to explain the rules and the how/when/wheres:

  • Op Time will be from 1900 14 Sept to 0300 15 Sept. All the rules below apply during this time frame.

  • GSF space is 100% NPSI for the op time period - it is up to allies to decide if their space is as well. Ratters beware as you will be executed if caught; no one cares if that's your only ratting carrier!

  • The only exception to the above rule are all station undocks and jump bridges as we may have people fueling, anything else (dumbasses using the VFK beacon, etc) is fair game.

  • The megafight will be in EC- at the planet 1 warp-in; all fleets will be directed to that location.

After the initial announcement, CFC alliances FCON, LAWN, FA, GENTS, LI3, SMA, EXE, and TNT also agreed to make their space NPSI.

While most FCs did not seriously prepare for this event, Goonswarm's Mister Vee took this opportunity to demonstrate to CCP the broken nature of drone assists with a 50-person Dominix fleet supported by triage carriers.

Highlights of the night:

  • A LAWN Rorqual that was killed immediately following the start of the op.

  • Mister Vee and the EG SIG, sitting on the Torrinos gate in EC-P8R, brutalized all comers with their Dominix fleet, including a battleship kitchen sink fleet led by DBRB, an NCdot T3 BC gang, and an EMP Rupture gang. That included my two frigates which were killed at 100 km by battleships before they could accelerate to speed after warp.

  • DBRB blind jumping his dread to the VFK cyno and being tackled by the tower. While fleets were in warp to kill him, DBRB used his roles to offline the tower mod and moonwalked to station.

  • Brave Newbies Inc showing up in the customary Talwars and dying in a fire with all due speed.

  • Near the end of the op, Mister Vee’s fleet turned on him, killing his Damnation command ship and pod, causing him to lose FC V. Vee had been podded earlier that day and had neglected to update his clone. This caused an unbearable amount of smug from DBRB (a frequent re-trainer of FC V) and the renaming of the VFK station to "VFK-IVee didn't want FC5 anyways."

  • To cap off the event, a jump freighter service jumped a Rhea into VFK, loaded with an excessive amount of exotic dancers (which dropped!).

While the exact number of kills is unavailable, Dotlan showed EC-P8R and VFK-IV as the two systems with the most kills in the 24 hours following the end of the NPSI period. Estimates put the kill count above 2500, boosting Goonswarm Federation above RvB (individually) in the number of kills for September.

Header courtesy of McTecman of Goonwaffe, who brought a festival launcher fitted Phoenix to the fight.

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