CFC Destroys Alleged Titan Spy

On Monday evening, the CFC destroyed a Fatal Ascension Leviathan Titan piloted by Yaaah; the CFC claims he was a Pandemic Legion spy run by Manfred Sidious, while Pandemic Legion has denied this accusation. 

The following report on the spyhunt comes from Lazarus Telraven, bloc FC of Goonswarm Federation:

Two weeks ago we found out through intel and IP matching that we had a spy in the Titanswarm user group in the CFC. This pilot was in FA and had HAVOC corporation in its history. The user's IP matched with Manfred Sidious’ IP of PL. We sat on the intel for about two weeks and then called for titans and supers to all login for an op tonight, and of course, the spy logged in and joined fleet.

We set up to headshot the spy Leviathan in a midpoint cyno, but the titan did not jump. Out of the entire fleet, it was the only one that did not jump. So I jumped into a covops on my alt and warp to the titan in B-D where it is still logged in and sitting inside of a Clan Shadow Wolf tower. That is not the corporation that the titan is in, so he cannot change pos passwords, looks suspicious, etc. Mittens batphones the leader of FA, Loquitur and I liase with him to set the pos password and to be prepared to offline the tower.

The password is set and I warp to the titan in a double bubble Heretic. The Leviathan logs off just after I land. Loquitor offlines the tower and bubbles go up on the Leviathan. Just after, fifty CFC supercaps jump in with around thirty Black Legion dictors/hictors and Talos. I gave the order to DD to make sure the Leviathan died and not disappear due to logging off and the first ~3 doomsdays kill him due to no hardeners being turned on. Then BL killed my hero heretic: RIP!

As is usually the case in a situation like this, there is immense controversy as to the identity of the spy. Phreeze, leader of the Dinner Squadron, has noted that the Titan in question used to be his. Allegedly, the character was sold to Manfred Sidious.  During the attack on the Leviathan, the alleged spy did not protest the attack or speak on Mumble when he was being attacked, logging off ingame abruptly before the assault after being the only capital in the fleet to fail to jump to the midpoint. Manfred Sidious and Yaaah both shared membership in HAVOC in their employment histories. We leave this for our readers to debate. 

Update: Apparently this is not the first time Yaaah has been accused of being a Manfred Sidious alt; a two-year-old comment on this killmail makes the same link.

Update 2: Phreeze has offered this public statement about his relationship with the titan and pilot.

The character Yaaah and the Leviathan were a corp titan char/titan formerly owned by myself and Darkst0rm of Insidious Existence. Formerly of RAZOR and EN GARDE, that corporation eventually merged into several different AAA corporations before they disbanded. I'm not aware of who took over the account after Darkst0rm left the game several years ago, other than the fact that is not myself nor Darkst0rm piloting that boat. Also, fuck goons.

CFC maintains that they got their man while PL continues to deny that the pilot belongs to Manfred Sidious.

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