CFC Announces Caldari Ice Interdiction

In the August 5th GSF CEO update, CFC leader The Mittani gave his troops two weeks off. We now know the plan for when they come back. They're going to interdict Caldari ice products.

From: Subject: all-all Message: If you haven't been hanging out in Jabber and getting -all- the hints, we are officially rolling out into Caldari highsec for an ice interdiction beginning on or about August 18 and running for a month, give or take. 

For those who have never been on an ice interdiction, it is a madhouse of tears, laughs, broken promises, and lots of po-leece. Like most forms of highsec ganking, it is enjoyable to the certain flawed personality types that Goonswarm pilots commonly find themselves with. First-timers are very much welcome.

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Their target is the Caldari ice belts, which produce White Glaze, which in turn produces Nitrogen Isotopes, the fuel for Caldari and Guristas control towers as well as Caldari capitals and other fuel-using ships. The announcement saw Nitrope prices climb to a 90-day high.

This is the fourth ice interdiction that Goonswarm has been involved in running. The first ran for three months in 2011, focused on Gallente ice belts, and made headlines all over New Eden. In a dev blog published at the time, CCP credited the interdiction with causing a more than 100% increase in prices for related products and a 80% drop in Blue Ice trade volume. A small event focused on Caldari in 2012 running from February to May, spiking Nitrogen Isotopes briefly from 300isk/unit to over 1200isk/unit. The third, announced later in 2012, returned to Gallente space.

The first and third interdictions focused on Gallente ice because of the dependence of Eve on Oxygen Isotopes. They were the fuel for the most popular types of supercapitals, the Rorqual industrial ship, and for Gallente towers, which were the backbone of moon mineral reaction chains and thus of T2 production all across EVE. The economy depended on Oxytopes moreso than it did on few other resources.

CFC's motivation for focusing on Caldari ice belts this time around are not yet public. The firm grip the CFC holds on Nitrogen Isotopes' production in nullsec likely has a strong connection to this choice.

More from the CFC forums.

All CFC entities and Fweddit and whoever are invited to participate in the event.

What the Fuck is This?

This is an interdiction.

In short, we descend on highsec, amass a sizable stash of cheap T1 Catalysts to dump into ice miners, continue process until light is green*, belt is clean. With highsec ice supplies already choked by the Odyssey changes (depleting belts, not respawning but every four hours), cutting off supply to bleating pubbies will be significantly easier than before, even with the buffs that came to exhumers and barges way back. As supply is depleted, tears are harvested, and tope-hoarding jews get dolla. Since it's Nitro, anyone living in Guristas space with access to one of those belts gets nice dolla if they care to mine.

A lot of the new guys will have no idea that highsec is even a viably fun place. The truth is that it's one of the most entertaining parts of EVE if you're a ganker. Case in point, this kill had NC. corps at each others' throats for a good while. The tears you gather are simply wonderful. Most interestingly, judicious use of instawarps and warpins means you can continue ganking well past -5 security status and on down through -10.

(Image courtesy Gary Tekitsu.)

I am having a wonderful time.