CCP Unifex Leaving EVE Online

In a dev blog today, CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson announced that Jon Lander, AKA CCP Unifex, will be leaving as the executive producer of EVE Online in May. He'll be moving to a new position within the company, leading the company's development in the mobile arena.

Lander, who has led EVE's development since the Crucible expansion in winter 2011, took over as senior producer during a rather rocky time in EVE's history, shortly after the Incarna debacle that marked a low period in relations between CCP and the EVE player base. His tenure as senior producer and later as executive producer has been generally well-received by the EVE community, and player reaction so far appears to be mixed to this move as many seem worried that CCP will have trouble filling the shoes of CCP Unifex.

More interesting may be that CCP has decided to hire the new executive producer from outside rather than promoting another senior member of EVE's development staff, like CCP Seagull or CCP Ripley, into that position. According to Hilmar's dev blog, CCP has been actively interviewing for a new executive producer for the last month, preparing for a smooth transition over the summer, but there was no mention of whether an actual replacement has been decided upon.

As far as Lander's new role, there was not much said about it other than that Lander would "lead CCP’s emerging mobile strategy." What this means is a bit up in the air, but CCP has mentioned before that they think the mobile arena may be another sphere for EVE universe to expand into, with the example often given that planetary interaction may have been better off as a separate mobile game rather than a part of EVE Online.

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