CCP Reveals Upcoming DUST Plans

The latest episode of Cast 514 includes an interview with CCP Praetorian and CCP Nullarbor where some of the most frequently asked questions finally gain some satisfying answers. The hosts of the show, Grideris and Nova Knife, do a fine job of asking the questions the community has been dying to know the answers to, but CCP could not and/or would not answer up to this point. During this interview, however, a lot of that has changed.

Here I look at just a few highlights of what was discussed during the podcast.

Changes to Orbital Support

  • Killmails are coming for EVE capsuleers that provide orbital bombardment (OB) support. These mails will show who, how many and what was done in total damage. This feature should be in by Fanfest.
  • Currently, capsuleers must be participating in faction warfare (FW) to provide OB support for their side of the battle. CCP has shared that they are planning to allow access for capsuleers not part of FW to provide the same support. This should be by Fanfest.
  • Larger ammunition and increased destruction is being worked on. CCP is following a road map to allow the ability to nuke everything planet-side. More about this will be discussed at Fanfest.
  • Skyboxes are being made DUST-side to allow mercs the ability to see capsuleers in orbit. This feature is coming very soon and is currently in a testing stage, but it should be released before Fanfest.
  • Player OBs will become more frequent and the criteria to achieve them may come in more variety than just war points alone. This should be before Fanfest.
  • There was talk of some type of ground beacons that may be needed for guiding larger artillery on to targets. More answers on this by Fanfest.
  • There was also talk about permanent equipment that orbits planets to help in defense being looked at (more for null-sec use).

Faction Warfare

  • DUST faction warfare (FW) battles will be open to more players and not just player-made corporations in the near future.
  • A new corp battle system is in the works to allow corps to fight one another without affecting FW sov.
  • Changes are being made to allow skill points (SPs) to be gained outside of matchmaking. This is to keep from penalizing participants of faction warfare who currently receive no SPs for their matches or style of game play. This should be by Fanfest.
  • Still no signups for a faction in DUST, but plans are in the making to grant more rewards for those who stick with contracts from one particular faction. Thoughts for these rewards are loyalty points, faction standing and specific loot not found outside of FW battles, such as race-specific gear.


  • District control (planet sovereignty) will be put in the hands of player-made corporations and no longer just the NPCs in low-sec, allowing benefits for both the capsuleers and mercs who own them. This means players will then be in charge of defending and maintaining their own district and planet sov. This should be around or after Fanfest.


  • A huge change is coming to the dropsuit system, allowing for specialization in specific combat roles. Along with this change, in the next large build, will come more role-specific dropsuits as well, such as the crusader, pilot and covert ops suits. There will also be more racial variety than currently available for dropsuits, such as a Gallente assault suit.

Other topics were touched on as well, such as effects to null-sec (outside of affecting sov. directly), CREST, war barges, graphic changes, number of players per battle, and more.


I am CEO of ZionTCD, DUST Beta Tester, Co-Host and contributor for "Podside" Podcast.