CCP Holiday 2012 Festivities


On December 13 CCP FoxFour revealed in a dev blog post some of the details of their holiday plans for pilots in New Eden.

To commemorate the 2012 holiday season, all active pilots are eligible for gifts to be released on December 13th, December 20th, and December 27th.

The first gift to arrive on December 13 is a ‘Festive Launcher’ and 300 ‘Snowball CXIV.’ The Festive Launcher requires one launcher hardpoint, but otherwise has no prerequisites and uses only 1 tf of CPU and 1 MW of power grid. The launcher can be used to load the snowballs released this year, and fireworks that are forthcoming in one the December 27th updates.

Other important details are that shooting snowballs or fireworks at other capsuleers is not an act of aggression, so High-sec capsuleers can launch snowballs at other ships with reckless abandon without being shot by CONCORD.

Pilots can claim the Festive Launcher and 300 snowballs on the character screen using the redeem item button.

Further details on what exactly is to come on December 20th are still forthcoming, though CCP Foxtrot in the blog post did promise “some completely random stuff.”

The dev post in its entirety can be found here.

The title snowball picture is released under Creative Commons and is courtesy of Kamyar Ad.

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