CCP Apologizes for HED-GP Performance

The HED-GP engagement was the largest battle in Eve Online history since 6VDT and Asakai, and an extraordinarily rare occurrence: a bloc-level conflict where both sides were prepared and eager to escalate to a supercapital fight. The 12+ hour battle was a disaster for the attacking RUS/CFC side, with players unable to use their ships for hours at a time, leading to a one-sided turkey shoot of disconnected and helpless ships rather than an epic confrontation. However, veteran CSM representative Two Step described CCP as the 'real loser' of that engagement. 

In emails which CCP sent to players filing reimbursement petitions related to the HED-GP fight, the company offered apologies for the HED-GP situation, while simultaneously denying compensation - as per the standard CCP reimbursement policy for fleet fights

We are sorry that your experience of the battle was not to your expectations and our expert development team will continue work on making such engagements more enjoyable in the future. 

In an email sent to the leaders of the player factions involved in the battle, CCP Customer Support offered a further apology:

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this fleet fight has caused to everyone involved and we ask for your understanding concerning this decision.

While these apologies are unlikely to remove the sting from those players negatively impacted by HED-GP, it's refreshing to see CCP openly acknowledging the problems which overshadowed the battle and vowing to do better in the future. 

TMC has emailed CCP with a request for further data on the HED-GP battle from 'lag guru' CCP Veritas, and we hope to have some crunchy server-based data for our readers should that develop. 

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