Capital Rigs Incoming

Earlier today, CCP Tallest posted a thread about Capital Rigs on the official forums. The first post was sparse, giving us only very basic information:


We're putting capital rigs into EVE. Not much else to say, really. They will work pretty much as you would expect them to.

Some things to note:
* Rigs that previously did not affect capital modules will affect capital modules
** (Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard, Auxiliary Nano Pump and Nanobot Accelerator rigs)
* Tech I BPOs will cost 50 Million ISK
* Manufacturing Capital rigs will use 5 times the materials of Large rigs

Questions? Comments?

CCP Tallest has clarified some of the finer details with several more posts. Capital and Supercapital ships currently fitted with rigs will keep their current rigs. These new rigs will require no special skills, keeping in line with other changes and the motto “If you could fly it before, you can fly it now.”.

So far, the majority of the thread seems to be anger, with most posters making arguments such as "It's not fair to new players!" and "Older players are always treated better!". That being said, there have been some great questions posed as well, most notably as to the existance of T2 capital rigs and the possibility of implants that currently do not affect capital modules being changed as well.

The most immediate impact of this will be greatly increased cost to owning a capital ship. This will likely spark a rush to buy large rigs and capitals before the Odyssey expansion. Once Odyssey is launched, expect the initial price of capital rigs to be much higher than the material cost, given the low supply. If we extrapolate from the fact that they will use five times the materials, it's a safe bet that Capital Trimark Armor Pump I's will cost around 45 million ISK once the market settles down, ceteris paribus. This is Eve though, a living and breathing market, so expect T1 salvage prices to rise with this new demand.

The larger impact of how this will affect the current meta has yet to be decided. Triage carriers and sieged dreadnaughts have the potential to see the most drastic changes with the buffs to local reps via working rigs. Slowcat and Das Uberboot fleets will likely see little to no change in their current iterations, other than an increased cost of entry. Without the explicit introduction of T2 rigs, supercapitals could see a large nerf to EHP. Which is unlikely, though if they are not introduced players already in T2 rigged supers will have another advantage over new super pilots.

In the mean time, expect speculation and market manipulation in the large rig market as well as capital and supercapital ships. Ultimately, this change does seem to be inline with CCP's efforts to better differentiate between ship classes with rebalancing many aspects of the game.

I've spent time in NPC null, high sec, faction warfare, and several null alliance blocs. I've dabbled in many aspects of the game, but really enjoy learning new nuances.