-A- Cancels CTA Due to RMT Bans

Against ALL Authorities has been under a great deal of pressure as of late, with the forced evacuation of their assets to LGK-VP in Stain and the recent reorganization of their military structure. Earlier this week Lee ChanKa sent out an alliance mail preparing for a CTA on Wednesday, only to have it cancelled today with the following explanation. This EVEmail is verbatim - no errors were corrected.

Ali update, cta update!!

From: Lee ChanKa

Sent: 2012-10-31 18:34:00

To: Against ALL Authorities

I didnt call cta because of next reason:

About 20 of our logistic accs are banned beause of AKA Rmt thanks to our friends in HBC or CCP, doesent rly mether so ships on them are locked, if you alredy poded yourself in YZ-L stay there, gank some shit around,open lev 4 missions and ships will be seeded during day and tomorrow during day on alliance contracts.

ABOUT JCs and armoryes ( ppl asking i will try to help ) you should be in YZ-L atm ready to fight, YOUR JC SHOULD BE IN LGK OR CLOSE AREA, i have more updates but cant share them because of our hostiles, so folow alliance mails.DONT MOVE ANYTHIGN FROM ANYWHERE , ALL IS PLANED AND IT WILL BE ORGANIZED AND SOLVED WITH MINIMAL LOSES AND WITH GOOD ORGANIZATION.

so tomorow:

1/11/2012 19:00 ET

where: YZ-LQL Solar System

format: NAZGULS

cu there



There had been some talk out of EVE Vegas of -A- or its renters harboring known RMTers.  Whether or not this counts as confirmation of that allegation is yet to be seen.

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