C-J6MT Falling?


Historically, C-J6MT has been an important system. Previously it was where the first Red Alliance made their last stand and managed to hold the space. It was famous for having a deathstar POS on every moon in the system. As a result, RA were particularly attached to the system until they lost it. Currently held by Solar, it was expected to be one of the strongholds of the Solar front.

After the last large battle IV, however, it appeared that the balance of power had shifted. Until then Solar was putting up a significant fight and dishing out a respectable amount of damage for the sovereignty it was losing. The appearance of the HBC in IV changed this, skewing the fight towards the Solar opponents (and resulting in the loss of 7 Solar supercarriers). At the time many believed the HBC had only reared its head after smelling potential super kills, and was not commited to the fight against Solar.

Where Solar erred was by allying themselves with -A-, a rather hated opponent of the HBC and most other alliances involved in the Delve conflict. As a result of this new coalition, Solar gave the HBC an excuse to show itself in any sov grind (including their large numbers) because -A- was potentially fielding a support fleet for Solar.


Earlier in the week the second-to-last reinforcement of the C-J I-Hub occurred. Solar were only able to manage a full fleet of around 250, and while their normal opponents only fielded 250 themselves (mostly Rokhs but a small slowcat carrier fleet) the HBC came in with a fleet of their own. Solar were unable to put up any sort of resistance and wisely decided to let the timer fall, knowing the last timer would occur in a much more favourable 1100 EVE time. At the time, the -A- fleet waiting to defend the system was left wondering why they had formed up if no combat would occur.

Fast-forward two days later to the final I-Hub timer. Solar opponents once again formed a full Rokh fleet and managed to warp to the I-Hub first just after downtime. A smaller HBC fleet was present in the system, and local maxed out at around 700. Red Alliance jumped straight onto the station with a respectable number of dreadnoughts, supercarriers, and even three titans. Despite this being rather juicy bait for the sizeable Solar supercapital fleet nothing was done to prevent it. A Solar T3 sniper/bomber fleet attempted to harass the attackers (losing more ships than they destroyed, and proceeding to bomb an Atron and failing spectacularly), but no one can fight off dreads and supers with T3 alpa ships. The I-Hub melted quickly, and after a few failed attempts at catching the Solar sniper fleet the attackers promptly left the system and headed home.


The last few attacks on Solar sovereignty were mostly undefended. Many have a nagging feeling that Solar have more or less accepted that the numbers they face are simply too great and will not offer any more substantial resistance. The final timer for C-J is due in the next few days, and only time will tell if Solar attempt a last-ditch defense or whether they accept defeat with the potential sov loss that entails.

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