Burn the World: CCP Buffs Suicide Ganking

The title is absolutely misleading yet absolutely true. Some background:

About two weeks ago, CCP Habakuk posted in the test server forums about what "Team Gridlock" had been working on over these past few months, namely "improving server-side parts of the inventory system (and related systems.)" The bulk of the changes focused on corporation hangars in capital ships. To summarize, CCP converted the hangars into "fleet hangars," eliminating their divisions and changing the access rules. Role requirements were eliminated and replaced with toggles set by the pilot to allow corporation and/or fleet members to access the hangar itself, while the fitting service would always be accessible to a corporation or fleet member. These settings, as well as POS passwords and the "lock items" setting for secure containers, were also moved server-side.

Player response to these changes was a mixed bag. Server side settings are always welcome, as was no longer needing roles to access their own ship's corp hangar, but the rest of the tweaks were not so well received. The biggest complaints were insufficient control over access to fitting services and the loss of the organizational value of division hangars.

Yesterday, in a stunning display of competent response to player input, CCP Greyscale delivered an update on their plans.

  • Corp hangars on ships [not in POSes or stations] are now fleet hangars
  • Volumes will all stay the same
  • Divisions are gone, as is any other reliance on corp roles
  • Ship fitting array is always available to everyone in your corp and/or your fleet
  • Ship fitting arrays on ships and starbases no longer restrict the number of characters that can use them simultaneously
  • Fleet hangars and ship maintenance arrays on ships both now have "allow fleet member use" and "allow corp member use" in the inventory UI
  • We're adding five new non-compressive containers (from 250k m3 down to 1k m3)
  • For containers in a fleet hangar, only the pilot will ever be allowed to open or remove the container; other characters will only be able to drop into the container (with a warning)
  • Fleet hangars will now behave like normal cargo hold when it comes to ship scanners and loot drops (ie, will be scannable, and loot will drop from them)

Emphasis mine. Unlimited access to the fitting array but greater control over who can and cannot use it, a variety of containers for organization purposes mimicking the old divisions and, most importantly (my editorial bias is showing), fleet hangar vulnerability to both scanning and looting.

Death to "gank-proof" Orcas! All the space truckers out there have no reason to worry, though: secure transport through double-wrapping packages will still be possible.

For now.

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