BREAKING: TROLL Loses Sov in All Of Paragon Soul

On July 11th at 0640 EVE time, a corporation designated for the sov transfer of Paragon Soul was kicked by the Troll executor.

At the time of this writing, multiple Darkness and Despair TCUs are onlining in all of the unclaimed station systems.

TDS entities are likely unable to contest those TCUs due to the nature of timezone coverage. Currently, RUS is generally considered dominant at this timezone.

The rumor is that the Troll executor was unpleased with the nature of who was going to recieve those systems (long rumored to be Ash Cinere Scipitor, a rebel offshoot of Troll), and kicked the sov transfer corp out to get to them.

Updates as they occur.

Update 1

After getting in touch with 5n4keys, the leader of TROLL, he had this to say:

[8:33:10 AM] 5n4keyes: was shatted, and realised unsol had joined -a-
[8:33:17 AM] 5n4keyes: so logged into kick their alt corp
[8:33:29 AM] 5n4keyes: and for some reason, after doing all the sov stuff to cylon
[8:33:33 AM] 5n4keyes: i saw cylon, and kicked
[8:33:41 AM] 5n4keyes: then realised, OH FUCK
[8:34:39 AM] 5n4keyes: then couldnt get in contact with anyone
[8:35:11 AM] 5n4keyes: was a 9hrs of jump jfs and transfering sov

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