Breaking: TEST Leaves the HBC

TEST has had a lot of things going on internally over the last few weeks, many of which have been written about on this site. From Montolio resigning to two successors resigning in short order, things seemed fairly shaky. Boodabooda has been CEO for no longer than a week and has already hashed out plans for the future of TEST beginning with this SOTA (State of the Alliance).

TEST Leaves the HBC

The biggest announcement during the SOTA, but not the first, was that TEST has left the HBC. TEST is now redeploying back to Delve, as well as cutting off all ties to current HBC members (with the exception of Raiden, Tribe and Init). Although from an outsider this seems strange, unexpected, and spontaneous - it is far from it.

TEST's leadership has been unhappy for some time with the way the HBC had been going, in particular with Sort Dragon, CEO of the former PL corporation Resilience.. Sort Dragon took up the reigns of leading the HBC and started restructuring right away. While TEST was certainly happy to no longer be running the coalition,  it had no intentions of leaving the HBC. However, in the last few days an ultimatum was given to Boodabooda.

As Booda spoke during the SOTA: "I was personally told to get TEST in line with the other [alliances] in the coalition, doing things like moderating the forums and community, removing people that may not be liked." The TEST leadership group, known as Short Bus, were absolutely against such a measure. Further, if TEST opted not to participate in the recently announced war against N3, Booda was informed that the current TEST leadership would be replaced (somehow) and that Sort Dragon's new alliance, Here Be Dragons, would take TEST's corporations and space.

With this ultimatum, TEST leadership sat down and made plans to leave the HBC. TEST currently plans to refocus fully on internal alliance organization and structure, resetting all of the HBC with the exception of three alliances, pending communications.

TEST Slimming Down, Reorganizing

Six corporations were announced in the SOTA that were asked to leave, with no plans to replace them or expand the size of TEST. Quite the opposite, TEST plans on downsizing as well as purging inactivities in Dreddit.

Boodabooda also announced that Jinli Mei and Dovinian were to be placed in control of Dreddit. Further plans for reorganizing Short Bus and various areas of TEST were briefly mentioned, citing the upcoming Odyssey expansion and its changes to industry and moon minerals.

Sort's Final Word

Sort Dragon sent out two jabber broadcasts before the reset on TEST jabber hit, and had the following to say:

Thank you Test was fun.

You always hold a spot in my heart. 

And Booda.

Well fucking played. Never been dunked like that before.

Thank you and goodnight!

#### SENT BY Sort Dragon to All online test/dawww @ 2013-05-04 23:13:06 EVE Time ####

Oh and any corps wanting to join me instead of the crazies message me in game

I do not have services anymore :(

Sort Dragon in game!

#### SENT BY Sort Dragon to All online test/dawww @ 2013-05-04 23:13:52 EVE Time ####

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