Breaking: NCdot Withdraws from Tribute

Shortly after the conquest of UMI in Tribute by the CFC, NCdot today called an alliance meeting and subsequently moved their primary staging system from H-W in Tribute to ZLZ in Vale of the Silent. Scouts have witnessed an extensive carrier move, as well as a supercapital convoy out of H-W.

On Kugutsumen,  Jean Leaner posted the following:


Traveling from venal was getting cumbersome, so we're strategically deploying out of bridge range of tribute! Or something. Someone will leak our 'short announcement meeting' that lasted a fucking hour eventually I assume. I recommend not listening to it, its boring as fuck.

CFC FC's have noted that this is a sensible defensive position for NCdot, as ZLZ is out of direct bridge range of the new CFC staging system of UMI.

Sean Alenko of NCdot posted the following on Kugu, as well:


The main reasons given for the move. 1. Outside UMI bridge-range. 2. New location allows for easier placement of allies close-by. 3. Can properly open second front with Solar.

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