Breaking: Montolio Resigns as TEST Leader

Events are developing rapidly in the HBC; we'll have a full piece about this out tomorrow, but for now, the news: 

In the last week, Kaesong Kosmonauts, containing much of Zulu Squad (one of the main HBC social squads) announced that they would be leaving TEST due to issues with alliance leadership. At the same time, the TEST lead diplomat, Walter Stine, announced that he was departing the alliance and joining Pandemic Legion. 

Shortly thereafter, two separate 'drama threads' broke on Kugutsumen. One thread featured a conflict between Montolio, Raiden and THORN (HBC alliances) over the disposition of Querious space. Another thread featured Tribal Band venting about being denied space in Paragon Soul in addition to their Period Basis holdings.

Tonight, Montolio has abruptly resigned his leadership of TEST; rumor is that there was a conflict with his lieutenants about the future direction of the alliance. Currently Boodabooda is the CEO of Dreddit, the core corporation of TEST, Ingen Kerr has CEOship of the TEST executor alliance, and Fras Siabi holds the shares to both. 

Montolio has posted a resignation announcement on Reddit:


Shit was too much work, it wasn't fun anymore. We had friends for strategic reasons not because we actually liked them. Internal politics was shit. Running a space empire was shit. Being on call for EVE 23/7 was shit.

I love TEST and I love Dreddit, I have friends in both. I didn't steal anything on my way out or disband/kick anyone. I just couldn't handle the situation we were in.

It is entirely my fault that we ended up in that situation, all I can say is that it was fun up until it wasn't. I would never run a coalition again, it changes you.

Ingen Kerr and Fras Siabi have the wheel now. 


Shadoo of Pandemic Legion offered the following comment on HBC jabber: "Well my friends, all I can say from experience is: It is hard enough to herd sheep when said sheep have a view of a luscious green field in sights. It's a different ballgame to try and herd the sheep after they reach said green luscious field and wonder what to do with all this grass."

Fras Siabi then posted a thread on the TEST forums announcing his leadership, along with that of Ingen Kerr:

Tonight has been a long night. There is a lot of work that needs to be done with TEST going forward. The three page masterpiece of a CEO update that I was about to push tonight became pointless and I now get to spend the weekend writing a new one. In any case, I have conferred with Ingen, Beffah, and Sort Dragon and we have decided that it would be best to toss the "official" herding position of leader of the HBC over to Sort Dragon, or as he will now be know Surgeon General Sort Dragon (I'm drinking ok?). This will allow us in TEST to spend the time focused on fixing TEST's problems and going on a 30 day purge diet to get the toxins and shit out. Stay tuned for a long slurry of words and sexual innuendos sometime this weekend.  

Summary So Far: Montolio out as TEST lead, Fras Siabi in, HBC is now officially led by Sort Dragon of Pandemic Legion while TEST undergoes purges.

Update: A message from Sort Dragon, broadcast to the HBC.

Over the last 24 hours(hell if we are talking about test lets be serious 6 hours) we have seen some shifts in the leadership in alliances in the hbc.

This should not be considered a sign of weakness this should be considered a chance for us to strengthen what we have as a phoenix would out of the flames.

I am not a wordsmith like the greats of Elise or Shadoo but I promise you this I will do my best to keep this coalition on track and to work towards a future where the hbc can be back at top strength.

Montolio helped birth this coalition lets not forget this and now it is my turn to do try to run this show, I will be contacting and talking with each and every alliance leader before the end of the weekend and there will be some much needed trimming of fat and slimming down to fit into those nice slim sexy jeans that we fit back when we started rocking this show.

For all of you who believes this is test abandoning you this is not the case this is a time for test to actually enjoy being a member of a coalition and not having a vast amount of pressure placed on them. I still look forward to seeing them along side all of us in fleets and jabber and mumble all test needs is a chance to adjust and enjoy themselves again.

This is not a reason to evacuate at all. I will organize to have a char made and put into probably test where I can collect evemails and such from people who want to pm me with things. If otherwise you need to talk to me you can do it on Jabber or on the forums and I will get to your pms as fast as possible.

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