Breaking: Massive Supercapital Fight in 4M-QXK

Supercapital fight in progress: SOLAR has lost at least three Nyxes to a combined force of Pandemic Legion, Red Alliance, and NCdot in 4M-QXK in Insmother. Red Alliance initiated the fight with SOLAR at a SOLAR tower; SOLAR escalated against RA, who then called in help from its allies Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalitiondot. Apparently PL dropped on ~30 Solar supercapitals at a POS; SOLAR supers tried to escape into the shields and the SOLAR Loki support fleet was driven off, but not before at least three SOLAR Nyxes were destroyed. At the time of writing, SOLAR forces are either trapped in their POS under hictor bubbles or have found a way to escape. 

From the scene, Grath Telkin of PL offers this report:

SOLAR tower comes out, they cyno in a 100 man loki fleet, triage, and a few supers; RA sees it, drops supers and titans and hellcats on that, and gets [obliterated] as SOLAR escelates with more and more supers - but RA manages to hold the field long enough for us (PL/NCdot) to get here

RA strapped on a hefty set of balls and set a few titans and supers on this SOLAR tower with their dreads; SOLAR dropped in on that with their active super fleet, whch RA bubbled, and then called us, then called Vince (NCdot), usual results from there: dead bodies everywhere.

We dropped in right on top of about 30 SOLAR Supers, and started burning through Nyxes; the first one got in POS shields as he entered structure - the next 3 weren't so lucky.  All but six have evac'd the tower thats about to die, 6 left under hic bubbles right now, pos being rape caged, RA and NCdot working with us.

RA appears to have suffered some casualties as well, with reports of one Red Alliance Titan being saved at only 5% armor.

The initial battle report can be found here as killboards sync.

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