BREAKING: Massive Super Fight in Asakai Lowsec



A Goonswarm op led by Dabigredboat went haywire in Asakai in Black Rise tonight when the titan jumped instead of bridged, and was promptly pounced by a PL supercap group.

The GSF op was intended to ambush a lowsec skirmish over a tower between Drunk n'Disorderly and Liandri Covenant. 

Thinking that they could outnumber the PL force, GSF called in more supers to escalate the engagement, which resulted in a full-on cross-nullsec rush to Asakai to get in on the brawl. Black Legion, NCdot, HBC and 401K as well as lowsec locals have turned up to the fight, which not only is experiencing a total TiDi-lock at 10% speed, the slowest TiDi level possible.

As of the time of writing the CFC force has lost at least one Ragnarok Titan, one Hel supercarrier, against two PL Nyxes. However, there are several hundred carriers and dreadnaughts on the field, as well as hundreds of subcaps. It looks like the CFC is about to be dealt a very ugly butcher's bill due to this error of judgement. 




Update 4:06 EVE: CFC Supercaps have mostly evacuated; as this is a lowsec fight, Titans can't DD and dictor bubbles do not work (which is why having a supercap brawl in lowsec is often inadvisable), apparently only one remaining CFC Titan is on the field (A Levi) though there are a number of supercarriers left. Subcaps and regular caps have not yet attempted to disengage. 

Update: Second CFC Titan down, DBRB's Levi. CFC still has supercarriers on the field. 

Update 4:37: Seven CFC supercarriers remain on the field, so far two dead CFC Titans, one dead CFC supercarrier, to 2 dead PL Nyxes. It is highly likely that many of the remaining supercarriers on the field will die, and usually there are a few crashed/logged out supers killed in the aftermath of these battles - the death toll is still rising! 


Update: A third CFC Titan, which had disconnected and blackscreened, has died; the total number of dead supercarriers on the CFC side is estimated to be approximately ~5 but it's not certain yet.



The Butcher's Bill 

It looks like at the end of the battle, the CFC has lost ~44 Dreads, 29 Carriers, 5 Supercarriers and 3 Titans to 10 Carriers, 6 Dreads, and one Supercarrier killed: a complete rout. Initial reports suggested that two Pandemic Legion Nyxes died, but this hasn't been confirmed on Eve-Kill yet. 

Alliances involved: 262 
Corporations involved: 715
Players involved: 3161 

That's a lot of spaceship action, right there. 


Update: Initial reports in the insanity of the fight suggested that there had been a DUST crash; this turned out to not be the case, merely a coincidence with some servers during a fight which took more than five hours. We have this from CCP Explorer:

"There were reports about this Twitter today and in Mittani’s first report. I asked around, looked at emails and warnings/errors and I found nothing to substantiate this. There were DUST battleserver issues overnight but they were completely unrelated to this fight." 

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