Today, a station came out of reinforced in 1V-. SOLAR, NC., S2N and the Gypsy Caravan were all present for a fight - and a fight they got. RA opened by dropping dreads on the station and were swiftly counterdropped by SOLAR and co. supers.

Soon, all sides had supers engaged as the fight escalated, with Black Legion also making an appearance in SlowCat carriers. There were SOLAR Abaddons and Imperial Legion in Drakes there for subcap support on one side, and Rokhs and Tengus on the other.

Then the HBC, led by Shadoo and Sort Dragon and Hedliner, decided that this would be a good time to show up, shouting “HAY GUISE, WATS GOIN ON IN HERE?!” In cynoed a full Honeybadger Coalition FoxCat fleet, followed closely by the HBC supercarrier and titan fleet, reported to number around 90.

The killboards are still updating and the full report is still being written by those who were there the entire time(I rode in and out in my Aeon with the HBC fleet and missed about half the actual fight), but here is the: BRDOC OF THE GIANT FIGHT.

Killboards are still pulling, but at least 3 Aeons went down, as well as anywhere from 4 to 6 Nyx, not to mention legions of support carriers and RA dreads.

A full report on this will be written as soon as the writer who was there recovers from massive sleep deprivation(passed out on his keyboard, far as we can tell.)


Barrien is one of the editors of When not editing, he plays PlanetSide 2 in the 666th Devil Dogs on Connery, and Firefall in the Alpha Imperium army.