Bloody Insmother: RA Cap Group Destroyed

The war against Solar Fleet and its allies, spearheaded by Red Alliance - the 'Neo Curse Coalition' and the N3 Coalition (Nulli Secunda, Nexus Fleet, and Northern Coalitiondot, et al) has pushed deep into Insmother. Solar and its allies are unquestionably on the back foot, with stalwarts like Intrepid Crossing on the verge of failure cascade and Black Core Alliance reshuffling its leadership.

But Solar's Alphafleets, comprised of Maelstroms, Rokhs, and shield support, have won a couple of impressive victories in the past two days. A Red Alliance force in F2A-GX engaged a Solar Alphafleet, intentionally provoking a fight while massively outnumbered in hopes of using tracking dreadnoughts and triage carriers to win the day. This did not go as planned, with Red Alliance losing ten carriers, eight dreadnaughts, and a number of expensive faction battleships.

While less impressive in terms of isk damage, Red Alliance had also attempted to fling an extremely sizeable group of stealth bombers at a different Solar Alphafleet the day before; there was an error, and fifty-five bombers were wiped out en masse. The carnage can be viewed here. Yikes.

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