Blood Spilled Over IRC CSAA


The CFC recently got intel that there was an IRC Erebus in build (which is of course unconfirmed by IRC) in Q-VTWJ. The tower was reinforced, and the stage was set for the battle that took place Tuesday evening.

IRC called for the help of their allies in Northern Coalition (NC.) and Nulli Secunda (S2N), who responded in support of their allies. The defenders were in system first, with approximately 500 in system consisting of 80 armour HAC's, 80 Rokhs, 25 3rd tier battlecruisers, 15 blap-dreadnoughts, and 20 Slowcat sentry carriers.

The CFC was able to field 700 strong with one full 'alpha' fleet, 50 Abaddons, 40 pulse-fit Oracles, and a 100 man Drake fleet.

Like every proper CSAA system, Q-V is a dead end system so everything must come through a single heavily-camped gate. IRC and co. set up on the gate and waited for the CFC to come to them. CFC bombers had great success against the IRC 3rd tier fleet, all but eliminating their ranks.

Defenders set up on the gate


Finally, the CFC jumped through the gate of death into the waiting arms of battle-hungry fleet. Heavy fighting ensued at 10% TiDi as the defending fleet started burning through Maelstroms, and the CFC went straight for Nulli’s sieged dreadnoughts. Usually, battleships standing up to a fleet of sieged blap-dreads results in a dead battleship fleet; however with 10% TiDi and over 50 scimitars, reps held on a number of CFC battleships as they burned down the dreadnoughts. The blap-dread fleet commander Canaris Roshaak comments:

With 2 BS fleets we were going through 2 dreads at a time, getting taken down in 3-5 volleys. Even though we refit max tank and overheated, [you] can't hold reps very long. After they killed most of the dreads they swapped primaries to something else, so we managed to get a few dreads and carriers out.

Overall we weren't very combat effective with that level of TiDi. [It] was a lot of fun :) always love getting to use my dreads.

Even with Nulli bleeding dreadnoughts, they were able to burn through Maelstroms quickly with coordinated fire from the remaining dreadnoughts, the Rokh fleet, the slowcats, and the armour HAC's.

Defending capitals take a beating versus the 700-man CFC fleet


The CFC fleets turned their sights to the armour HAC's and succeeded in wiping out a surprising portion of them, though not without cost. The CFC had lost nearly 90 battleships, and there was still a functional Nulli/NC. Rokh-Fleet on grid in addition to the IRC slowcats. With such a large number of logistics in 10% TiDi, the defending fleets were unable to break through CFC reps and began withdrawing. Unbeknownst to the CFC commanders however, the CSAA tower had been repaired nearly to 50%, and could almost be re-stronted.

The Rokhs withdrew with minimal losses as an IRC battleship fleet landed on grid... and died horribly. With the battleships dispatched, the CFC fleet started bearing down on the IRC carriers. Initially having problems breaking the strong RR tank of the carriers, they bought enough time for IRC to re-stront the tower. This was not without sacrifice as the carriers' reps started slipping, and they began dying one by one.

After mopping up the remaining carriers, the CFC fleet reinforced the tower again. The tower is now scheduled to come out of reinforce on Thursday morning in AUTZ and both sides intend to dance again.

In the end, the strategic victory goes to the defending IRC/S2N/NC. fleets, who saved the tower at great cost. The tactical victory goes to the CFC, who will have to wait another day before trying to abort a suspected titan.

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