Blingy Blap Dreads Dead in J104216

HBC Wormhole Capital Kills

On the 19th, a Test Alliance prober found a wormhole. Normally, a prober would peek inside, go check out the towers to see if they are perhaps offline, or check to see if they can find any ships just sitting in space (I picked up a faction-fit Gila a few months ago this way) before leaving the wormhole. Taking a fleet in to shoot things is generally not worth it. However, the prober found a few capitals ratting without any visible sub-caps supporting them.

Word got out to FCs that if they were looking for some capital kills, they could be found a couple jump bridges and a wormhole away in J104216. Wrik Hoover, Pandemic Legion FC, pinged for Welpcanes and smaller to form up quickly and then rolled out. Fingers were crossed that the capitals hadn’t finished ratting by the time the fleet could get to them.

A couple of hero dictors were sent into the wormhole with a warp-in on the capitals. They landed on them and quickly spewed out bubbles. The rest of the gang followed them in and began shooting the sieged dreads. Blackbird heroes, in a valiant effort to keep the dictors alive, attempted to deploy ECM against the support that began landing. Two Archons triaged on the field to keep the support alive while the dreads were left to their own devices as their siege timers counted down.

Amusingly enough, the dreads did not red siege to get remote assistance from the carriers; instead they continued trying to blap the handful of ships Wrik Hoover had brought. Pings went out again for more DPS. Additional battlecruisers and T1 cruisers began streaming into the fight. The first dread went down ten minutes into the engagement, but the fight raged for twenty more.

The smattering of T3 cruisers were simply no match for the numbers quickly arraying against them and they went down hard. The dreads were having some success dispatching the cruisers and battlecruisers. The handful of Oracles that were laying on enormous damage were killed without difficulty,but the dreads simply couldn't kill everything.

In the end, the second siege cycle killed the dreads. From there on, it was a simple matter of neuting down the capitals and finishing them off. Test being Test, Wrik Hoover's fleet proceeded to lose a few ships afterwards to Sleepers in their blind attempt to loot all the shiny off the dead dreads. The final reckoning: 30+ billion ISK worth of bling died. Check out the Eve-Kill battle report.

Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.