Black Legion Welcomes Nulli Secunda to Venal

Recent ex-Delve residents Nulli Secunda graduated from Faction Warfare Academy this week with a Bachelor's in bombing Omen Navy Issue prices and are currently crashing on Black Legion's couch in N5Y. The move has resulted in some serious tears among informal Venal residents who had previously enjoyed the splendor of farming Guristas L4 missions and are now faced with eviction. To these intrepid souls, we apologize for any inconvenience.

S2N joins a growing Venal wolfpack which includes Monkey Circus and ensures a formidable USTZ presence. The success of sniper Tornadoes and Gypsy Band stealth bombers has not gone unnoticed. The CFC, perhaps used to fighting at most two separate fleets at a time, now find themselves engaged with a myriad of opponents on any given timers – NC., Ev0ke and Ewoks, IRC, Gypsy Band, and now the BL./S2N/MC trifecta all work under separate leadership. Utilizing a combination of traditional fleet comps and guerrilla tactics, the CFC numerical superiority is consistently compromised by the dismantling of boosters, logistics and support, leaving Maelstroms and Drakes without anchors, fleet boosts, remote repairs or webbed/painted targets. CFC carriers have even fallen victim to Tornado alpha strikes.

Come With Me If You Want To Live

There are, of course, ways to get around this. Some FCs have been leading their fleets through unrecognized alt characters in non-vital hulls, enabling them to avoid being cherry picked; Huginns and Lacheses have shifted fits for range and scan resolution in the hopes of tackling Tornadoes as they land; and not forgetting the end goal, Dreadnoughts arrive and only stay long enough to reinforce a tower before leaving, at which point support does not always stay to extend the subcapital fight. Technetium is the imperative, and capturing it is possible without facing unnecessary losses. The conflict has also attracted Legion of xXDeathXx whose interest in decisively annihilating a Black Legion fleet is perhaps lacking in execution but unparalleled in persistence.

At the same time, the Northern War has seen a very interesting paradigm shift. In the opening days, NC. and friends believed that they were fighting a losing war, delaying an inevitable crushing steamroller, and based on what they'd seen in Delve, the possible inclusion of Pandemic Legion and TEST Alliance Please Ignore if a significant resistance (see: Supercapitals) presented itself. From the effectiveness of guerrilla tactics spawned a willingness for meat shields to engage the CFC in the field despite being severely outnumbered; from the unusual show of resistance emerged CFC tactics to reinforce their asymmetrical warfare. Both sides have adapted to some degree, and as a result, both are willing to end up on the same grid and call primaries. From a seemingly hopeless defensive situation, the Northern War has exceeded all expectations.

Goodfight Hunting

In fact, it can be said that this Northern War is escalating in the very opposite direction of Delve III. What started as Pandemic Legion arriving as a third party in a war between S2N and RA, desiring the elusive 'Goodfight' evolved into a conflict between two massive coalitions and eventually included the entire CFC on one side and -A- on the other. Forum and local mudslinging ensued, which raised animosity between the two coalitions (particularly against -A-) to an all-time low and resulted in a virtual Jihad against the whole Soco. From Goodfights grew all-or-nothing sov annihilation. In the North, from all-or-nothing Tech conquest comes Goodfights. Aside from the occasional outburst of bad posting, those involved seem to agree that the battles are fun and worth fighting. It's impossible at this junction to say that things will stay this way, but conditions seem perfect for a Tribute/Venal warzone of Bushido-style conduct.

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