Black Legion Repels 0.0 Incursion

Perhaps as revenge for the the downing of PL's Revenant, Black Legion have found themselves on the receiving end of a Sansha's Nation Incursion.

An active Incusion has a few effects: player weapon and drone damage along with shield and armour resistance is reduced; all rats become Sansha's rats with advanced AI and tackle; all bounties are halved; and, most relevant to BL, system-wide cynosural field jammers fill the affected constellation.

To fight in Fountain, Black Legion has been staging out of 4C-B7X in Outer Ring. When the Sansha's Incursion descended on the Heart constellation, BL suddenly found their capitals stranded. If they left system, they'd be unable to jump home.

Incursions have been live in Eve since 2011. In high sec, they are a roaming source of high level PVE content (and income so high that CCP had to step in). Outside of high sec, the risks of running high level PVE content mixed with the risk of drive-by PVP have proven to be too much and few pilots can be bothered to complete them. After all, if you just wait a week, they'll go away.

Black Legion doesn't have a week to wait, so they spent Sunday grinding down the Incursion in AHACs. The denizens of the Heart constellation can now rest easy. With help from the CFC, Black Legion has completed the Incursion and downed the Sansha's mothership. 

Revenant BPCs don't drop in null sec.

I am having a wonderful time.