Black Legion Northern War Update

This week has been eventful for Black Legion, to say the least.  Since the breakup with DotBros leader Vince Draken over issues of respect (to summarize: Because of Falcon) and the ensuing fiasco which brought former NC. director Wicked Princess into BL. ranks, the small but tenacious alliance has returned to Venal and set their sights on Legion of xXDEATHXx (XIX).  One week of campaigning has resulted in over 22 billion ISK in losses for XIX, mostly in ratting Tech3s and Dreadnoughts.   Clearly biding their time until an overall CFC victory in Tribute, XIX leader UAxDeath sent this mail to the alliance:

Sent: 2012.10.17 16:34
To: Legion of xxDEATHXx

And so, my dear crabs(?), eg, warriors. You have a new goal. Within 7 days, there must be 5 large POSes on the killboard. If this is not done, the alliance will be disbanded. Thank you all.

This is one of several translations posted to; another caused a small uproar:

I know a system next to 6nj -
There are 4 PL* tech towers** there. Quite a worthy goal. I think that if the boards have these towers, then Daddy will give us one without much argument.

The difference between the two is staggering: The first acknowledges only that five large POSes need to die, and the second specifies which ones and why.  The second translation also notes that they are Pandemic Legion tech towers and that 'Daddy' (presumably the CFC) would allow them to keep at least one.  But the second translation is false: Indeed, today XIX reinforced five large towers in K3J, all belonging to Black Legion.  Unfortunately they come out of reinforced in BL's USTZ primetime, which merely ensures them a fight, not the five tower quota.

In the meantime, an announcement was made by Elo Knight that a contract with SOLAR Fleet had been accepted, establishing blue standings between the two.  This means that BL will have their pick of the litter among potential targets - XIX is still staging three jumps away in N5Y and the CFC's staging point in UMI is still within bridge range, but the Neo Curse Coaltion (NCC) on SOLAR's eastern front will provide additional fights.  -A- announced that they will deploy north to defend SOLAR's holdings, but while on paper BL and -A- will be on the same team, BL will only remain blue with SOLAR and pets, leaving -A- yet another potential target. 

Overall it's just another day in Venal - come for the Crystal sets, stay for the goodfights.

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