Black Legion Dunks in CFC Capital

(Author's Note: The Author is one of the leaders of the CFC's informal 'RepSwarm' logistics group, and was among the participants in the battle. While there is always some unavoidable degree of subconscious bias, both the Author, and the Editors, strive to uphold and maintain TMC's high standards of journalistic objectivity.)

At approximately 0200 UTC, 3 October, a Black Legion [MEN.] (BL) Tengu fleet of just under one hundred fifty pilots, led by Elo Knight and Doombunny, entered YA0-XJ, the newly-minted capital of Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] and the Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC). Looking to provoke a fight, Black Legion even went so far as to brazenly jump in a small capital group consisting of five Moros, with a single Archon for fitting support, in order to reinforce the jump bridge exiting YA0. Stung into responding, the CFC formed BaltecFleet, its well-tested battleship doctrine, based around the Baltec Megathron, as BL positioned themselves around the stargate into 2R-CRW.

The result was nothing short of a massacre.

Despite the presence of a supporting CFC carrier fleet, BL losses were limited to under four billion (4B) ISK, with the majority of the value lost coming in the form of eight combat recon cruisers (five Huginn and three Lacheses). At the same time, the damage inflicted upon the defenders exceeded eighteen billion (18B) ISK, primarily coming in the form of nearly fifty battleships destroyed, including three Tempest Fleet Issues (TFIs). Many of the CFC's logistics pilots expressed frustration as the heavily-tanked battleships nevertheless melted beneath the murderous fire of the enemy strategic cruisers. In the words of one logi pilot, "Just as I locked a broadcast it would disappear before I could activate reps." An informal estimate by a member of the CFC Fleet Command (FC) team put the rate of destruction during Time Dilation (TiDi) at approximately one battleship every fifteen seconds.

Once it became clear that the combined forces on-field would not be able to inflict meaningful losses upon the intruders, the decision was made to withdraw. With BL's interdictors dead, the CFC carrier fleet was able to extract, followed shortly by the savaged Baltecs.

When asked for comment, CFC Skymarshall Blawrf McTaggart replied simply with this image.

As of this writing, Black Legion has not responded to requests for comment from TMC, or to questions about what this victory might signify going forward for their Tartoken deployment.

UPDATE 22:33 UTC, 4 OCT 2014: Doombunny of Black Legion has provided this statement:

"They tried to shoot ABing Tengus and Scimitars (who were like 100km+ away from them) with beam apocs and 425mm rail megathrons with no webs because we killed them all

Needless to say it didnt go too well."

I'm not even supposed to be here today.