Big Game Hunter 2013: VoC Bags a Nyx

Out For a Stroll

For the pilots of Verge of Collapse, it was just another roam. BLOOM., V0LTA, and Euphoria Released had a k-space connection eight jumps from an AQUILA INC hole and the alliance mates decided to join up for a quick trip around the block. Rampaging around Perrigen Falls for about an hour, they had killed a Dominix, Chimera, and an Archon in seperate engagements, washing it all down with a quick Drake in Q-ITV5. Deciding it was a good haul, they started to head back home when, two jumps out, one of the scouts reported a Nyx running anomalies in the connection system with fighters out.

Using his scanner to full effect, Fatyn located the anomaly he was in and made a bookmark. He flew two jumps back to the rest of the fleet and the bookmark was copied for their Heretic pilot, a newer recruit named xVx dreadnaught. The main fleet held back and much encouragement was offered before xVx did them proud by jumping in, clearing the warp, and getting a well-placed bubble up on rodney119 in his anom-fit Nyx. With knifee's Scimitar keeping him up, they waited and prayed for backup to arrive.

Holding The Tiger By the Tail

And arrive it did about a minute later. Landing on field, they secured the tackle and killed off fighters while three dreads were scrambled in AQUILA INC's home system. A cyno Rapier piloted by Scandere was sent to burn the eight jumps to the fight and the dreads sat on the null hole to wait for the jump. Meanwhile, the locals in STR8NGE BREW had heard the calls for help from rodney and began to warp in the kitchen sink, one at a time. Each pilot in turn was popped almost instantly upon landing, and the Nyx was in no better position after eight pilots suicided into the attackers' guns.

With the Nyx holding steady around 90-95% armor, Scandere's Rapier landed on field and lit up the cyno for the dreads at their optimal. The dreads jumped out into null, and in a flash, they appeared on field and commenced the blappage. They were only a few minutes into removing the Nyx's armor when one Thanatos and then another warped in and launched fighters to try and save their embattled friend.

Stay on Target

Despite the carriers, the dreads continued to focus on the Nyx. Knifee's Scimitar worked overtime to keep everyone alive, but was soon forced to save the Heretic, which was essential to keeping the Nyx pinned, at the cost of a Talos, which was expendable. Realizing their quandary, the subcaps began to shoot the drone swarm to protect their under-repped ships, and after a while, the lethargic fighters stopped making it to their targets entirely. Greedy Monkey related the events:

There were a few hairy moments....we had 1 thanny tackled but continued to bump nyx when the other thanny spotting a moment when 1 of the guys had lost tackle decided to abandonen the other thanny and nyx and leave....between the 3 caps if they used there head they could of killed our 1 dictor and nyx would be free. thankfully they wernt that clever.

Shortly after the Thanatos smartly escaped, the Nyx went down in a glorious fire. Another VoC Talos was lost to the remaining Thanatos but, aside from that, all that was left to do was finish him off, scoop loot, and clear the field. They had done it – a super was dead to 19 jubilant pilots and congratulations were in order all around.

Final Thoughts

Greedy Monkey felt somewhat vindicated by the events. His takeaway from the experience was that "its just nice to see it in a mail u dont need to obscene numbers to do something like kill a super....numbers aint everything as proven by voc time and again....bit of propaganda showing that small entitys can compete is always good."

When I contacted rodney119, he had good things to say about the VoC fleet and was undeterred by the loss: “the gang was well organised and were skilled pilots . I will be looking to purchase a new nyx in future tho :)” Hopefully he has the good fortune to avoid VoC exit systems with the next one.

Straight outta J115405, I'm a wormhole resident and director in Hard Knocks Inc. When not writing about wormhole PvP and events in the greater w-space community, I enjoy jokes about Kazakhstan and the occasional glass of delicious tears.