Battle Report: A Weekend In Wormholes with POSHU


DAY ONE (1/5/2013)

POSHU was looking for a fight.  They spent some time cycling wormholes in search of targets worth moving against.  

Many wormhole systems have "static" wormholes which will always link to a specific type of system, such as always high sec, or always to a C3.  Closing one opens another to a similar system.

They had a static C6 exit in their system, which guarantees a good time, assuming you get systems with people from a similar time zone (and that haven't been stomped on already).  After a bit of work, they saw potential life in the magnetar system (x2 damage but half the range and tracking) of J150020 - POCOs and POSes with a few ships in them on scan.  The scout warped to one of the POCOs to identify what group was in the system and found it tagged NOHO (No Holes Barred).  With fingers crossed that the system wasn't abandoned, the scout announced himself in local.  NOHO responded.  After a some discussion, they came to an agreement.  Because NOHO had greater numbers (both in system and to call upon, being five times the size of POSHU), they agreed upon the artifical cap created by jumping into POSHU's system to fight (the wormhole could only take the mass of a carrier and change).  

The scout returned to POSHU's system as both sides prepared for the fight.  POSHU waited at zero on the worm hole for NOHO and were greeted by a Phobos, followed by another 14 of NOHO’s gang.  Four Guardians and a bunch of Tech 3 cruisers jumped in and began brawling.  POSHU had a Thanatos in the wormhole for logistics and drone support.  The Phobos was going down quickly under the multiplied damage effect of the C5 magnetar in J164621, but was able to escape back through the wormhole before dying.  The NOHO Guardians went down quickly, meanwhile, the Thanatos reps were able to keep up with NOHO's damage.  More NOHO ships began streaming into the system.  Despite the reinforcements, NOHO was still unable to break tanks (partially due to warpin/out) nor tank incoming fire.  With half a dozen ships down, NOHO sent an Archon through, nearly collapsing the wormhole.

The Archon immediately entered triage, tipping the battle to their favor with its remote repping power.  Unfortunately for NOHO, POSHU had a trump card in the form of a Moros and Revelation waiting at a POS for just this moment.  They warped in and the self-trapped Archon quickly went down under what was easily 30k-40k dps between the two dreads.  The remaining NOHO ships mass jumped back out, ceding the field of battle.  POSHU has provided a video of the fight.  Worth the watch.

The battle report can be found here.

DAY TWO (1/6/2013)

On the heels of the previous fight, POSHU wasn't expecting much action.  They found a link to a C3 and, surprise surprise, it was another "known" w-space entity - Kill It With Fire.  The scout nosed around and decided it was just a small camp of guardians and a few Tech 3 ships looking for kills, not a full force.  POSHU formed up and engaged with an Archon and whatever else was available.  What looked like a handful of tech 3 ships with logistics support soon turned into 35 enemies once battle had begun.  KILL was breaking the archon's reps, and the sheer number of logistics they brought stemmed their losses after the first few minutes of fighting.  

Hoping to break the logi chain, the POSHU FC called for Bhaalgorns to come in and neut down the KILL logistics.  They saw some initial success with this tactic.  However, all the "shiny" on the field (as well as the promise of killmails) was enough to convince more to join in on the fighting.  After 30 minutes of fighting, AHARM arrived on the field with tier 3 snipers and began picking off ships from either side.  With their Revelation and a Bhaalgorn going down, POSHU retreated from the system to lick their wounds.  The bulk of the fight was recorded and available for viewing here.

The battle report for day two can be found here.


Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.