Battle Report: Ratting Nyx Dooms Aeon

I must say Im ashamed to be in the same coalition as these idiots. Nice job for teaching them a lesson!
15bill in cargo... That was not a supercarrier, it was a pos with minimal defences. There is no reason to have that much in cargo unless transporting it.
A thing to note: the pilot had a Snake set though. It was in that same cargo.
*edit: Slave
I'm from the kadeshi and I can say that I and alot of members are happy they lost their ships. People like them should not have any SC...
farm kadeshi everyday cos their worth it!!!!!!!
2 Hulks in the Aeon's SMA. Does this count as a HAG kill?
This article doesn't mention the empty clones the SC pilots were flying with.
the fittings wtf?
I'm im the same coalition as these guys and after seeing the fits and hearing what went on, i'm really happy those supers got pwnd.
This is why Red Overlord is/was worthless...or rather worth having around for kills!
We (S2N) tried to get a triage Archon in to save the Aeon, but our allies couldn't even muster a cyno in their staging system for it to jump to. Just as well really or we would have sacrificed an Archon to PL in a vain effort to save two idiots who didn't deserve saving.Being in the AHAC response fleet and listening to comms was frankly hilarious, doubly so when we saw the Killmails and realised the Aeon jumped in with no RR and a large local rep fitted, as if remote ECM bursting was really going to save his moronic buddy.Also, both SC pilots lacked slave sets, which are kind of essential.
Ratting in supers isn't just reckless; it's a bannable offense in some alliances.
Bear mentality. 'Nuff Said :D

The South has remained mostly quiet these last couple of weeks. Ever since the HBC took ownership of Esoteria and parts of Catch, things had returned to a calmer state.

One or two weeks ago, new Kadeshi members the muppets (COCAS), former members of Red.Overlord, and Unclaimed. started camping ratting systems. Both sides, of course, blame each other as the initial aggressor. On December 21, however, Unclaimed. snagged two supercapital kills that make every EvE player cringe.

The Run-up

As Sacred Templars' member ZKH Zwaffelaar was flying through some Kadeshi ratting systems in a cloaky Sabre, he noticed two Nyxes and Einherjis (fighter drones) on scan in 7L9-ZC. Previously figuring out that pilot LuPi usually did Angel Sanctums, the Unclaimed. member started warping to the anomalies in question.

After finding said Nyx in one of the Sanctums and bubbling the supercarrier, Zwaffelaar unfortunately died after making too sharp a turn. The target painters fitted on the enemy ship and the fast fighter drones were too much for the interdictor to handle.

Swift action

ZKH Zwaffelaar immediately re-shipped to a second Sabre and went back, remotely hoping that the Nyx was still about. Much to his surprise, the ship was still ratting.

A fleet was quickly formed under main Unclaimed. FC Elazar Keon, who had to leave mid-operation, which left ZKH Zwaffelaar to lead the fleet. He was in a Sabre and had to form the fleet without even being in the staging system - not the greatest gift one might wish for Christmas.

Once the Unclaimed. fleet had sufficient numbers and enough interdictors and heavy interdictors, the order was given to burn the fleet to 7L9-ZC's neighboring system. As 7L9-ZC was cynojammed the choice fell on a subcapital fleet. 

Excited that Christmas might indeed come early this year, the fleet jumped into the system next door, only to find a Kadeshi member. Acting swiftly, ZKH Zwaffelaar started warping to Sanctums as fast as he possibly could, hoping he would snag the Nyx before the fleet was signaled in Kadeshi intel channels. The second Sanctum he warped to was the right one. He found the supercarrier 23km off the warp-in and burned towards it, bubbling up as soon as he was close enough. He then ordered the fleet to jump into the system and warp to him as fast as they humanly could.

As more focused points by heavy interdictors dropped on the Nyx, to prevent it from getting away, people were ordered to shoot the fighters, but as they were getting repaired, the fleet switched to the Nyx. At one point, on comms, a heavy interdictor pilot noted that he was not getting repairs, caused by the bubble that he still had up. Swift action prevented the interdictor from going down.

Unfortunate response

The Kadeshi tried to respond to the Nyx being stuck and some early responders in sub-capital ships who warped in to help the Nyx got killed. At one point, a Drake was dropped on the field by The Kadeshi. The pilot lit a cyno, announcing a possible strong counter from Kadeshi or even N3 members, the coalition Kadeshi are part of.

To many pilots' surprise an Aeon landed, not a fleet of triaging Archons or any other possible rescue team. To top things off, it didn't have any repair systems fitted to possibly help the Nyx.

The Aeon was tackled as soon as it landed on the field and as the Nyx died, the Aeon was called as the new primary target. At that point, Pandemic Legion were on their way in to feast upon a killmail.


a picture for your viewing pleasure

Seeing as the Aeon was able to be called in, Unclaimed. members soon figured out that Kadeshi had turned off the cyno jammer. Unclaimed responded by calling in their capital ships to help push the effort. Another cyno was lit for the PL fleet as the Aeon was already down to 30%.


The battlefield

Post-battle reactions

ZKH Zwaffelaar, who provided the battle report, stated that he was happy how things turned out and that he believes that Unclaimed. will 'get more kills'.

Ltd Spacepig, The Kadeshi alliance leader was kind enough to respond and said that his palm was touching his face on numerous occasions.

Writer's note: For players who are new to EvE Online, ratting in a supercapital ship is considered reckless. Dropping another supercapital ship (that can't even rep) to save it is a special kind of reckless.

The quasi-full battle report:
The Nyx kill:
The Aeon kill:

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