Battle Report: CFC vs NC./BL/IRC in UMI-KK

Editor's Note: The conflict in the north between the CFC and NC/BL/Nulli/IRC/Ev0ke has been difficult to cover, despite daily engagements; the stakes are for tech moons rather than sov, and the number of moons won or lost by each side fluctuates nightly. Recently the CFC, despite being 'up' approximately 17 tech moons since this conflict began several weeks ago, has been running into serious trouble in their once-dominant US TZ against sniper fleets of Naga and Tornadoes backed up by AHAC gangs. This report is from Kcolor, the bomber FC of the CFC forces during the engagement.


"After our previous flubbing on the UMI-KK tech moon the previous night in USTZ, we redeemed ourselves tonight.  Not only did we form more than one fleet, we actually won!  Competent FCs combined with high numbers once again yielded a tech moon for the tech throne.  With time ticking down on the cyno jammer onlining in system, the CFC brought a drake fleet and alpha fleet into system to accompany a lot of dreads and carriers.  Our bomber fleet formed early, and were actually on the blops on time for once, obviously it was an omen for what was to come.

With the tower dead, and capitals safely tucked away in their capital holes, the real fighting began.  AHACs and sniper t3 battlecruisers vs. alpha fleet and drakefleet.  Both sides had bombers in system.  With CFC fleets holding the field against AHACs, the nados were being "handled" by my bomberfleet.  After a few missed attempts, getting 2-3 tornados at a time, the bombs and the bubbles finally clicked and we wiped out 10 of their snipers instantly.  The tower was online.

With the tower now stronted and in our name, the CFC started heading home.  However, the hostiles were still around to reinforce the pos.  Bombers decided to stay in system to see what we could catch.  It was that decision that made bomberfleet explode with joy, as we got a perfect bubble on the hostile fleet, they attempted to run with MWDs, big mistake as 60+ tornados evaporated in an instant."

Battle Report on Eve-Kill

Battle Report, BR-Doc version

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