Battle Report: 9-V Station Falls to CFC

Australian timezone has been the focus of many sov battles in the Fountain war between the CFC and TEST. TEST has timed their structures to come out of reinforced mode between 7:00 and 12:00 evetime, due to the superiority of NCdot and N3 defending forces during this hour; NCdot in particular has a very strong AUTZ presence. During the weekends, the CFC has been able to push forward using EUTZ players. This weekend, the hub in 9-V was destroyed, leaving the station to come out during its final armor timer on a Wednesday morning at 8:30. 

Both CFC and TEST/N3/NCdot heavily promoted this battle as an alarm-clock event; the battle reports show that approximately 700 CFC were involved with 500 TEST/N3/NCdot.

The CFC formed two Megathron fleets, one Loki fleet, and a Dreadnaught group. TEST/N3/NCdot fielded an Armor HAC fleet, a Dominix fleet, and a Slowcat/Sentry Carrier fleet with a smaller Ewar support fleet (Celestis and Blackbirds). Both sides had substantial numbers of bombers. 

The CFC got to the system first with its Megathron fleets, while the TEST/N3/NCdot Slowcat fleet cyno'd onto the 9-V station then put up large bubbles. The Dominix fleet bridged into the bubbles on top of the Slowcats. While bridging in, the CFC bombers knocked many of the Dominixes into low armor, while simultaneously the Megathron fleets engaged the Dominix group. The TEST/N3/NCdot AHAC fleet was split up after warping in due to some kind of grid error, and the CFC Loki fleet dropped on top of it. 

TEST escalated by dropping four Dreadnaughts to shoot the Megathrons, and the CFC responded by counterdropping 90 Dreadnaughts, approximately 20 of which were from Black Legion. As losses among the Slowcat and Dominix fleet mounted, the order was given to TEST/N3/NCdot to dock up and stand down. The CFC then captured the station with the opposition locked inside with the repair service disabled. 

At the time of writing, CFC TCUs are onlining, but it will take eight hours for them to claim sov; there is usually a period of 'TCU Pingpong' during a station capture. 

Battle Report


Update: A recording of N3/NCdot/TEST comms during the fight, including the post-fight peptalk during downtime.

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