The Battle of M0O-JG

Fighting broke out in M0O-JG between 0000 and 0200 EVE time on Thursday, with TRIBE and TEST facing Black Legion.

The brawl started over a POS anchored on a Neodymium moon in TRIBE space that BL had previously reinforced. A subcap fleet was formed to potentially fight BL., and capitals were put on standby. TEST arrived in Muninns and TRIBE in Geddons, with a carrier fleet set to rep up the POS. Upon entering system, BL. greeted TEST and TRIBE forces with a Loki fleet.

Intel provided to the TEST cap FC indicated that the tower was a large POS and would only require 8 carriers for a one-cycle repair. The plan was to wait for an opportunity to jump in, ninja-repair the POS, and jump out. A moment of opportunity appeared, and the carrier fleet jumped in, found the POS to actually be a medium tower, repped it, and jumped out.

All carriers jumped except for one of the pilots, an improperly fit Chimera who was unable to leave when the fleet came out of triage. 

At this point BL. immediately attempted to down the Chimera and TEST and TRIBE fleets rushed to save the carrier. The rest of the carrier fleet refit and the improperly fitted Chimera was tanked well enough to escape. The fighting continued with a reinforcement Drake fleet from TEST until BL. was able to extract, but not before sustaining heavy casualties.

Notable among BL. losses was an Archon, though TEST and TRIBE also sustained heavy losses. Suffice it to say, the battle was a bloodbath with massives amounts of ISK hemorrhaged on all sides.  Kills from TEST, TRIBE, BL., and EVE-kill are linked below.

Black Legion KB
Test KB
Tribal KB

Drewson Houten, known by friends and corpmates alike as "Hoots," is a member of TEST alliance through a little corporation called Alea Iacta Est Universal (AIEU).