The Battle for Caldari Prime

CCP recently put out a new Dev Blog regarding the Battle for Caldari Prime. This is scheduled to happen on Friday afternoon (UTC time) and promises to be a Live Event turned up to eleven. participated in a conference call where Arnar Gylfason, CCP Zulu, gave a small presentation of the event.

Up until now, the Live Events team had focused on catering to essentially the RP community. However, with the Battle for Caldari Prime, they aim to expand them to the whole player base. Unlike other Live Events, which are usually only advertised on a few RP channels or to Twitter, this has been broadcast to the whole EVE player base a day and a half in advance.

The Uprising storyline has been designed to shake things up, politically speaking, as well as to introduce DUST 514 mercenaries into the lore of New Eden. The Battle for Caldari Prime will expand on this as DUST mercs fight on the ground and capsuleers fight simultaneously in the Luminaire system in the same event. Unlike past Live Events, Gylfason was adamant that the players would determine the outcome of the Battle for Caldari Prime.

CCP has a lot riding on this event. This will be a way to showcase the link between DUST 514 and Eve Online—that the two games interact with each other, not just are set in the same universe. They are expecting a big turnout, with levels in the system somewhat similar to the Asakai battle. Taking a lesson from Asakai, the server node will be reinforced. Expect CCP to do everything they can to ensure server stability and playability.

CCP will also be live streaming the event on their channel. Expect to be covering the event live, as well.

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