Battle of the Blobs

The 'Battle of the Blobs' took place in Gallente lowsec on December 7th. The aptly-named event involved Brave Collective, RvB, Test Alliance Please Ignore and various smaller participants.

The Brave Collective were present in their trademark Thorax fleet, with a total of 420 pilots split over two fleets - the largest turnout in the alliance's history. The fleets departed from their home system of Barleguet and made their way to Gallente factional warfare space.

The RvB fleet had around 150 members, their numbers boosted by Mangala Solaris's Ganked roam. They brought around twenty navy battlecruisers, as well as regular battlecruisers and Moas. TEST, who were allied with RvB in the engagement, only managed to muster a fleet of 80 people, along with some friends from the Caldari militia.

The first clash occured in Melmaniel, where RvB, Shadow Cartel and Suddenly Spaceships engaged the Brave fleet. The RvB fleet departed fairly early in the fight, leaving just the combined Shadow Cartel and Suddenly Spaceships AHAC fleet. They decided to linger on field for 15 minutes, despite being outnumbered 10-1 by the Brave fleet. Eventually they made the wise decision to flee; they had lost five Zealots, five Guardians and three Deimoses while only managing to kill thirty frigates and four Thoraxes.

The slightly weakened Brave fleet made their way to Murethand, where TEST and RvB were skirmishing with third parties on a gate. Local peaked at 650 as BNI joined in the fight, quickly destroying RvB's faction battlecruisers and then getting to work on TEST's Moas. An unaffiliated twenty man Provibloc fleet also showed up and shot both sides. Eventually the remnants of the Provibloc, RvB and TEST fleets left the field, and BNI claimed victory once more. This fight was even more one-sided: the Brave-aligned forces killed 93 ships while only losing sixteen.

Both sides enjoyed themselves, aside from some grup from the Brave side that TEST showed up late and in the wrong system. Take a look at the carnage on the fixed battlereport or take a look at the fight with all the stats on eve-kill.

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