A Bad Day at the Titan Office

With Razor pilot Dave's Dream having set the tone earlier in the day, titan pilots across the north engaged in a flurry of ill-advised jumping in an attempt to prove that they are not to be out-done.

With NCdot, Black Legion and allied pilots already on titans and ready to react, Lawn member Homo Enigmaticus could not have picked a worse time or place to exercise his God-given right to express his dyslexia through the medium of pressing "Jump" when he means "Bridge".  QPO has been, for weeks, a hotbed of activity and there are by now probably empire mining corporations who have a cyno there "just in case".

Update: it seems to be the case that the titan pilot in this case, in fact, was not bad at clicking and was instead bad at risk/benefit analysis.  NCDot FC Gothic Bliss states: "He actually jumped into the system deliberately to bridge 13 bros in subcaps out. It was not a misclick."  This certainly explains how it came to be that hostiles were quite so eagerly awaiting his arrival.  My version was, however, funnier.

Update 2:
From a CFC source- it was a lawn only op on their comms. the titan had been bridging for hot drops all night and he was heading home. this all took place in open comms, about how they were cynoing 3 ms into qpo , then they would cyno in their titan. so the spy in comms had over 10 minutes to prepare to kill the titan. scouts channel report pest/hictor fleet on rag in h-w at 19 after the hour. titan was reported tackled at 26 after hour, and no one got pinged until 28 after the hour. it was dead by 30

Sure enough, despite a dead cyno causing NCdot some initial difficulties on jump-in, Black Legion leader Elo Knight claimed the initial bubble and soon the misplaced Erebus was the subject of heavy neutralising, including, importantly, some from a Bhaalgorn.  The CFC, ironically, had a large number of capitals and supercapitals in QPO at that point but the Tribute forces quickly bubbled the approaches from every celestial in order to ensure that any help would have to slowboat for hundreds of kilometres before being able to offer assistance.

What Madness Is This?

Not to be outdone, a third titan of the day jumps in, this time a Leviathan from Black Legion.  At once the victim of his own side's bubbles and benefitting from them, he remains untackled (by hostiles, at least!) until he is able to escape, during which hilarity the LAWN Erebus duly explodes.

This picture is courtesy of Muhadin at Kugutsumen.com:

All across the north, supercapital directors have been shouting at their pilots and pointing at blackboards with the words  "Jump" and "Bridge" on them, and next to those a large red cross and a huge green tick, respectively.  Only time will tell if this shall be the new autumn fashion.

As further background, the beacon in QPO was recently turned-off due to the widely-publicised presence of a logged-off gang with neutral hictor alt camping it for unscouted jump-ins.  There can be no surprise in meeting with opposition in this case.  I would criticse more harshly but I plan to lose one of my own super-capitals in similar circumstances in the next couple of months.

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