The B0TLRD Accords: PL and CFC Amend OTEC

(Editor's Note: The following was posted on both PL and Goonswarm Federation forums this morning, during the preparation for the HED-GP conflict.)

OTEC and the B0TLRD Accords

The objectives of OTEC and the B0TLRD Accords are to to continue along the road paved two years ago under the initial OTEC agreement by securing the territories and income generating abilitys of both CFC and PL.  
No "sov fuckery" or organized renter harassment in designated home regions.   
Further defined to include the following actions:
*shooting (or repping) of infrastructure towers, money towers, stations, SBUs, TCUs, IHUBs, POCOs
*siphoning of moons or using future idiotic CCP modules like the new ESS
*harassment of renters (individual fuckery will be cracked down on through best efforts)
*assisting non-signatories in doing any of the above
B0TLORD Accords
Neither PL nor CFC are restricted by this agreement with regard to their bluelists, and this agreement does not necessitate a "blue" relationship between the two entities.  The goal of the B0TLRD accords is to maintain space and income levels amidst a myriad of proxy-wars and territorial disputes.  
Both CFC and PL agree to prohibit the following actions in one anothers designated "home space"
*attacking signatory supercapitals, supercapital fleets, and capital fleets
*bringing any caps greater than five triage carriers and a bridging Titan
*bringing a strategic-level subcapital force (more than 250 subcaps)
The following restrictions apply to so-called Buffer Regions:
CFC agree not to assist any non-signatory in the conquest or capture of Buffer Regions.  Attending fights with non-strategic level fleets (no caps/supers beyond five triage and a bridge titan, no more than 250 subcaps) is perfectly acceptable.  There are no such restrictions should the CFC decide to invade the buffer regions to take them for the CFC. The buffer regions are to be controlled by PL-allies or the CFC should they decide to invade.  Allowing non-signatories to base out of signatory sov in the buffer zone constitutes a violation (Black Legion cannot stage in CFC sov in a buffer zone, nor can NCdot stage out of PL sov in a buffer zone).  
In buffer zones, CFC will  not contest future PL sov attempts should they desire to expand their empire. These are designated 'expansion zones' and should PL/BOT seize them, they will be considered home regions for the purposes of this treaty. 
Regarding attacks on non-signatories within designated home regions:
Each side may initiate an unrestricted attack in home regions against assets, structures, and fleets of non-signatories. If a signatory responds by aiding the non-signatory, both sides may escalate to caps and supers as desired, but will still not violate any of the sov/structure aspects of the above provisions. 
If a signatory is currently using non-signatories in a combined action against a third party while on home territory, it is not permissible to intervene. For example, if a combined PL and NCdot fleet is being used to defend Malpais, it is not permissible for the CFC to attack the NCdot segment of the combined PL/NCdot fleet. Similarly, if the CFC is working with Black Legion against a third party, it is not permissible for PL to attack the BL segment of the combined fleet. 
Regarding NPC Space within Home Regions: 
While PL has a special situation with its need for renter regions and buffer zones, the CFC has a special situation regarding NPC space littering the galactic West. Therefore, special understandings apply.
In the regions of Pureblind and Fountain CFC reserve the right to refuse PL transport carrier groups, should the area be deemed a war zone, the presence of PL a destabilizing force, or for any other reason. PL is to ask permission of the CFC before sending any sizeable (20+) transport carrier group into NPC Pure Blind or NPC Fountain. The other areas of NPC sov designated as Home Regions (Syndicate, Outer Ring, Venal, NPC Delve) can be convoyed to freely without any need for a diplomatic request. 
Within NPC Home Regions, all of the above provisions of B0TLRD and OTEC apply normally.
Regarding proxywars in relation to the B0TLRD Accords:
Should the sovereignty of Home Regions or Buffer Regions be markedly affected by the direct support of either party, the terms of the B0TLRD Accords may be deemed void.  Of course since the objective of this agreement is to secure income security for both parties, an open dialog is expected - and notice given - before this type of action is taken.  
Should one side flagrantly and intentionally violate either B0TLRD or OTEC (rather than a negotiated withdrawal before any violation occurs) , both treaties will be considered void. Example: if a PL capfleet drops on a CFC capfleet in Fountain, this is technically only a violation of B0TLRD, but it will scrap OTEC as well.
"Fuckups happen" rule:
Non-catastrophic violations, i.e. rogue members, do not necessarily constitute nullifying the above agreements but an open line of communication is to be expected.  
CFC Home Regions: 
Branch, Tenal, Venal, Vale of the Silent, Tribute, Deklein, Fade, Pure Blind, Cloud Ring, Outer Ring, Syndicate, Fountain, Delve, Period Basis, Querious. This is minus BL/SOLAR sov, as they are not signatories.
PL Home Regions: 
PL/BOT sov in Oasa, Outer Passage, Malpais, The Spire, and the spattering of SOV 5 systems currently under PL control. This is minus N3 sov, as they are not signatories. 
PL Buffer Zones: 
Perrigen Falls, Kalevala Expanse, Etherium Reach, Cache, Insmother, Detorid
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