Another Dead CFC Nyx: Mistakes were made

When a second Clausewitz or a new Sun Tzu writes the history of warfare in the digital age, there is little doubt that the great Wildly Inappropriate Nyx  Loss of September 2012 will crop up time and again as an example of how not to wage war in the electronic era.

The aggression shown by the pilot - who was dual-boxing supers to take down hostile SBUs - was admirable, and in the Delve campaign of this summer would almost certainly  have gone unpunished.  The execution - if you will pardon the pun - was less so.

The supercaps involved cynoed in directly at the target structure.  No safe POS was available in the system (although this has its dangers, too).  Although the supercaps had cloaks fitted, neither made a safe spot to which they could align out while shooting the Sovereignty Blockade Units.

The lost supercap had no cyno fitted, preventing any chance of the speedy rescue that might otherwise have been available.  Despite being fit in a way that would suggest that it would have been at jump cap quickly, no exit cyno appears to have been prepared.

Perhaps most shockingly, the pilot involved had been in-system with a neutral character - reportedly an Elo Knight alt - for a matter of minutes before warping off as local increased by the count of one hostile: vitally that hostile was in a dictor.  Although the victim was aligned to a cluster of moons, it seems that his target destination was more obvious than he had hoped: "he was there for a few minutes, he apparently saw where I warped to and landed before I did."

Mynas Atoch, who is not being blamed on this occasion, took time out from a lengthy and foul-mouthed tirade about the decision-making abilities of the victim to say "it seems they sbu'd two systems and waited for the ping when we attacked them, knowing we would do it with supers."

Arch Sera, when asked if he had anything to say about his loss, was able to summon the fortitude to comment that "supercarrier explosions are pretty when you've got everything maxed out."