Amarr Empire holds the line

Last Friday evening the fate of the Amarr Empire seemed sealed with the Matari having conquered 27 out of 28 Amarr systems and Sahtogas being the sole remaining system under the empire's control. In the EVE blogosphere cries of imminent victory could already be heard on several Matari affiliated blogs.

Things turned out differently however. Agony Unleashed, after having recently joined the Amarr side of the conflict, kicked off the weekend by exacting some revenge for their defeat last week in Tannakan early Saturday morning. The Black Watch Guard corporation, with some fire support from Agony Unleashed, then went on to successfully defend Sahtogas throughout the weekend. With the Amarr also offensively plexing elsewhere to bring up contestancy in other systems the Minmatar militia were ultimately left unable to finish the job.

The Minmatar were further hampered by Iron Oxide, one of the main Matari alliances, having their out-of-EVE meet up over the course of last weekend, leaving the Republic a little shorter than usual on fleet commanders and material.

Agony, who have a strong presence in all three time zones, capitalized further by recapturing their home system of Kamela and the neighbouring Lamaa yesterday during Australian prime time, when the Minmatar are traditionally the most hard-pressed for numbers.

For now at least the Amarr Empire holds the line having successfully defended Sahtogas while also recapturing two systems in addition to now occupying the Minmater system of Turnur.