ALOD: The Titanic Atron


Camping is a profession as old, and as denigrated, as prostitution in EVE Online. From highsec gankers to lowsec pirates and nullsec pipe cleaners, campers are found in every aspect of EVE Online. For those with an itch to experience some non-consensual PVP, camping is often the easiest way to go. Few, however, strike it rich with such a casual pasttime as makasoni, of Quantum Link Company (Tribal Band alliance), did last night.

‘It was the Unicorn of kills,” makasoni said when I interviewed him briefly on the kill. “We were camping like normal in a sabre/falcon combo, just chilling.” They had already had some pretty good luck, popping an Imicus and a Viator that were hauling skillbooks and BPCs. Then, the Atron appeared.

“He was being cautious. He wasn’t sure about jumping the gate, it seemed. Then he went for it. I decloaked when he did and hit my bubble. Dual webs from my Sabre meant he was going nowhere,” makasoni said of the actual engagement. Simple as that, an Atron carrying an estimated 200 billion ISK worth of blueprints suffered an ignominious death.


The funny thing is, stewie Zanjoahir isn’t really bothered by the loss. A member of the SOLAR Citizens alliance, stewie claims that the loss was replaced after he opened up a convo with someone from CCP:

“I woke up [after the loss], opened up a convo with them, and a few hours later everything was returned,” stewie claimed in a short interview. When asked why CCP would do such a thing, he said “well, what can I say, I’m running over 20 accounts,” seeming to imply that CCP naturally takes care of high rollers of stewie’s caliber.

When pushed for some details regarding this alleged conversation with CCP, stewie swiftly clammed up by order of his Russian superiors in SOLAR:

[ 2012.10.22 16:01:23 ] Marc Scaurus > who did you open up a convo with?
[ 2012.10.22 16:02:14 ] stewie Zanjoahir > why dose it matter ?
[ 2012.10.22 16:03:14 ] Marc Scaurus > just getting the full story :)
[ 2012.10.22 16:03:36 ] Marc Scaurus > was it a GM or an actual CCP dev?
[ 2012.10.22 16:04:45 ] stewie Zanjoahir > yer man i've been adivsed to stop talking to you sorry.
[ 2012.10.22 16:05:16 ] Marc Scaurus > advised by whom?
[ 2012.10.22 16:05:50 ] stewie Zanjoahir > by the russains.

While stewie may be a bit delusional (he also claimed that the ship was carrying ‘90% copies’ rather than the quantity listed on the API verified killmail), the drop certainly isn’t. makasoni has yet to complete a total inventory of the windfall, but was able to confirm that the drop listed on eve-kill was accurate. 

For every person out there complaining as to why those evil campers had to shoot their untanked Atron - this is why. You never know what those little ships might be carrying.



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