ALOD: The Price You Pay

50 million ISK. That's how much more it costs to fuel a large tower per week instead of a small. Chump change for a titan pilot, right? And yet, it was the difference between keeping and losing this Leviathan.


Our story begins with Gorski Car. Gorski has been flipping super capitals (buying them cheap, and selling them high) for some time now. He was given the chance to buy a Leviathan off a friend for 75 billion ISK. Taking the opportunity, he bought Kuchisa off auction. Upon receiving the Titan, he set up this sale thread and then left the Leviathan AFK in a POS in Grispire.

However! Gorski was unwilling to spend the extra money to fuel a large POS. So he bought a small POS.. which was too small for the Leviathan. While it was unlockable, its ass-end stuck out of the shield.

(picture taken by haldeeman's alt)

Bring on Haldeeman, a member of Shadow Cartel. While flying around in a Buzzard on an alt, he spotted the Leviathan on d-scan. Because a Titan in this system was unusual, he decided to scan it down, and lo and behold he found it in the condition pictured above.

Knowing that this Titan might be vulnerable to being bumped out of the POS shield, W0wbagger and Asakura Manji (both co-CEOs of Shadow Cartel) brought in two 100mn MWD Tornados to try and knock it out. Even though the center of the ship was inside the shield (which dictates whether or not you can lock it), the back of the model was outside the shield, allowing collisions to occur.

As they bumped the Leviathan out of shield, a Dreadnought fleet formed to kill it, and the rest is history.

The Titan pilot was AFK during the entire event and didn’t even turn on his hardeners.


It seems that this kill may bring some personal gratification to the leaders of Shadow Cartel beyond killboard greenification.

Speaking with a personage close to both parties (who wished to remain anonymous), I learned of some bad blood between Gorski and SC. It all started with this Titan kill back in February. According to my source, this kill was planned and set up by Gorski, who was upset when the coverage (including the article I linked) gave all the credit to Shadow Cartel. This escalated to the point where Gorski hit on the SC alliance leader's girlfriend on Facebook, creating serious bad blood which has lingered to this day.

So all in all, a lesson for you budding Titan pilots: use a large tower if you feel like keeping your precious purchase.

I would like to thank W0wbagger, Haldeeman and my anonymous source for the infomation. Gorski was unreachble for comment while writing this article.

Now with more Youtube

W0wbagger was also kind enough to forward this Youtube video to for your viewing pleasure:

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