ALOD: The Price of Fame

As streaming becomes increasingly popular, more and more pilots are streaming themselves engaged in player versus player action, or even showing battles from the perspective of a cloaked alt. Using advertising or other pictures to cover sensitive information on the UI while streaming is common practice. When someone streams themselves roaming around, looking for some PvP action, the ads and pics will essentially buy them some time over those watching the stream looking to hunt them down; we learned that lesson ourselves from our staff roams. For others, it doesn't work out so well.

Catalytic morphisis is one of many EVE players who streams on for people to watch him play the game.

Marlona Sky > Do you stream PvP?

Catalytic morphisis > Mainly.

Marlona Sky > Why did you decide to do a live stream of you ratting in a carrier?

Catalytic morphisis > Cause I was bored and thought; why not?

Perhaps this is where he was doomed. Catalytic says he streams when he is killing people anywhere. Yet, for this fateful day, he opted to do some streaming while ratting in his Thanatos. I will admit, after the Red Moon Rising expansion was released, I worked hard to gain ISK to buy a Thanatos. Yes, I did some ratting with it too. However, it was not long after joining an alliance in the deep south that - after fighting Russian alliances on a daily basis - I stopped such a foolish activity.

Catalytic mocked the rats for tackling him and turned on his smartbomb to show them who was running the show. At several points he blindly jumped to cyno beacons without scouting. He then went into detail about his financial situation, all the while buying incredibly overpriced Templars. You know, that Amarr fighter used by carriers? He continued on doing other things that would make anyone cringe, like opening his fitting window for all to see. No warp core stabilizers? Check!

He chatted back and forth with a friend in a channel, informing his friend that he was ratting in a Thanatos to make money because he is saving for a Nyx - which he also revealed he plans on ratting with. He also streamed other things that he should not have been doing. Not aligning to a station or POS to insta-warp out. Blindly jumping to cyno beacons left and right in search of more Oxygen Isotopes to fuel his quest for destruction of NPC rats, and, of course, more stream viewers. Scanner open for all to see exactly which anomaly he warps to.

The stream caught the attention of a certain Solar Fleet member: Tony Sapronov. Tony has been playing EVE for four years now, spending the last two in Solar Fleet. I managed to speak to Tony about the hot drop incident.

Marlona Sky > I assume you were watching the Thanatos stream right?

Tony Sapronov > I got link from my friend, run a locator agent and moved to him with cyno alt.

Catalytic alt-tabbed out to watch Fanfest clips, all the while fighting the good fight against nasty NPC drones. At this point he had been streaming for over an hour, and had accumulated a sizable collection of viewers. Soon they would witness the death of a Thanatos.

Catalytic started warping towards Drone Horde anomaly OVJ-772, which, of course, anyone watching the stream say. Before his Thanatos even began to exit warp, he noticed a new person in local with red standings. While he immediately initiated warp back to the station, what he could have done was align to a POS or station and, when he reached 75% speed, initiate warp. This would have offered him the opportunity to jump out when the Manticore next appeared to him.

While the Manticore has no cloak penalty to locking targets, it does take one or two seconds to lock and land the point. During those precious couple of seconds, Catalytic could have jumped to one of the dozens of beacons available to him. If you have initiated warp, you have to stop your warp, then try to jump. Alas, he did not do any of this.

The Manticore decloaked and pointed him. Catalytic did have dual sensor boosters with scan resolution scripts which allowed him to lock the stealth bomber, but unfortunately he didn't deploy the correct drones. Instead of using ECM drones to break lock or sentry drones to blast the zero-velocity Manitcore, he launched Warrior drones, which took a couple of seconds to fly to the tackler and start applying lackluster damage.

Cyno goes up, a few more seconds go by, and a Nyx jumps into system 7km from Catalytic. From the moment the Manticore decloaked to the moment the Nyx tackled Catalytic's Thanatos, a full 44 seconds had passed. That is a good amount of time to kill the little frigate if Catalytic had dropped sentry drones or used ECM drones to jam it, and he could have warped to safety or jumped out of system. This obviously did not happen, and a few moments later:

Catalytic did manage to kill the Manticore before his Thanatos died, but I still had questions.

Marlona Sky > Did he say anything in local chat?

Tony Sapronov > Nope, he was silent. I didn’t even kill the wreck, so he could loot it back.

Marlona Sky > Did you say anything to him?

Tony Sapronov > Just gf and not to stream while ratting.  :)

Marlona Sky > So you left all the loot in the carrier for him? Did he go back and loot it?

Tony Sapronov > Dunno, I didn’t want to risk that much to check.

I have been exploding internet spaceships since 2005. While I do love me a good large scale fight, I thoroughly enjoy small scale PvP as well.