ALOD: The power of insanity

Anyone asked for an isk sink?
Avatar drake was worth only 570m. Eve-kill can't handle blueprints properly.
solar citizens -> solar isk rmt -> scam.
Jump Drive Operation
Tank + bonused caldari ewar + cloakBut whatever, station-to-station jumps are far safer.
Confirming ccp kill reports are infallible and represent the word of god...oh wait.
Screenshot of the loot in a hangar or get the fuck out. Thanks.
Black Ops, what with their extended jump range now, are also viable ghettoJFs. Covert cyno on a covops is a godsend for getting you to your destination/leapfrog system (at 13.5AU/s) without having to deal with 10 minute visible cyno beacons, instalocking gatecamps, stationcamps, etc.
isk laundering
what a fucktard
I just assumed it was a pathetic attempt at artificially inflating killboard isk efficiency by loading someone's alt with a bunch of expensive stuff and then killing it repeatedly. ISK is easy, but ePeen is expensive.
Nice kill, to bad he doesn't honor the prices that he posted on the forums. Even if it was a "typo" (800m vs 1.3B, odd typo).
he was also scammed in buying space for 21 bil , what an idiot
You sound mad sir, might I suggest more tea.I remember this kill going down as Leelo is an old friend. All those BPO's are real, suck it up.

After a long day at work, I got home, turned on my computer, opened up eve, and saw that I had a peculiar eve mail sitting in my inbox.


To: Targie McRed, 

If you're the same Targie that writes TMC's ALOD section, you might have a look at this one:


Curious, I opened up the in game loss mail and felt my jaw hit my desk:


Yup, that’s a 31 Billion ISK drake; With no highslots. Full of ORIGINAL CAPITAL BLUEPRINTS!!!!

Archon Original: Check.
Thanatos Original: Check
Chimera Original: Check
All Capital Construction Components Originals: Check
and more besides.

Knowing that there must be something to why a guy was flying through lowsec with that much baggage, I set off on the hunt for the story.

Madness breeds Madness

This tale, like so many, has humble beginnings. It seems that the drake pilot was the CEO of a corp. renting in solar space that either was kicked or left the alliance. It seemed that he was moving these blueprints back to the drone regions (for some reason I have yet to fathom) when he jumped in, unscouted, into a hostile T3 gatecamp.

Leelo dallasmultipas >  we first saw this guy as he landed on the maila gate in purjola
Leelo dallasmultipas > and although a drake seemed like a trap, we just had to go for it
Leelo dallasmultipas > we don't have a chance to prescan targets most times, and we don't scan them before we shoot them unless we are randsoming them
Leelo dallasmultipas > when the loot dropped
Leelo dallasmultipas > I kind of was in shock, a couple of containers and random t2 shit
Leelo dallasmultipas > then i scooped the two containers and someone linked the km in fleet
Leelo dallasmultipas > kind of did a double take

After taking the loot back to the station, leelo tried to sell the blueprints back to the original owner.

Leelo dallasmultipas > he offered me 1isk
Leelo dallasmultipas > but he did not want to buy them back for 32bil
Leelo dallasmultipas > So i posted them on the forums to sell

BPO Sale Link

Again and Again and Again...

Albert Einstein famously said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” and I think he must have meant this guy. After a little digging, I found that this guy hasn’t done this only once before:


or Twice:


But Three times!


All these of these losses resulted in lost blueprints.
So take this as a lesson on how to move valuable goods: use a covert ops.


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