ALOD: Nightmarish Nightmare


At the best of times it can be risky flying a 20 billion ISK ship in High-sec. Doing so in a ship that has next to no buffer tank can be considered playing Russian roulette (as those that lose their ratting Tengus in a single Tornado volley also find out). Doing all of the above and then getting Concord to attack your ship is simply mind-boggling.

Luna Mason managed to do just this. In a two-year-old toon he managed to scrape enough ISK together to fit out an officer-kitted Nightmare to do his ratting (yet he managed to not fit Tech 2 Damage Controls or smartbombs, and apparently had no ISK left to pay for Tech 2 drones). Soeldner Mugen, the Proteus pilot involved in the kill, confirmed that Luna attracted Concord wrath accidentally by using his Tech 1 smartbomb when attacking another war target. Perhaps Luna thought that having every single kind of faction laser crystal would let him have optimal damage at all times, but he likely spent most of the (short) fight switching crystals constantly to stay at his optimal range. Either way, it is unlikely that Luna will regret wanting to have cap stability at all costs over the significant EHP increase he could have had, had he fitted a Tech 2 Damage Control and some more shield rigs.

[]Rich enough for officer mods, too poor for a Tech 2 Damage Control.

How Luna managed to accrue this amount of wealth in two years while staying under the radar is anyone's guess. How he managed to survive this long without learning the potential dangers of flying such a silly ship would challenge even Einstein's intellect. In the meantime, the four German Federation Corps involved in the fight managed to leave with close to ten billion isk-worth of faction/deadspace/officer mods. That's more than enough for each of them to get their own deadspace-fit Nightmare. Hopefully they won't fit it like Luna (who refused to comment on his loss)...

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