ALOD: A Nightmare in Tribute

It was a fairly quiet Sunday in Tribute. With the only official CFC ops scheduled for afternoon & evening USTZ, pilots of the Clusterfuck were left to form impromptu roaming gangs and gatecamp fleets.

One such fleet formed around the Taisy gate in M-OEE8, part of Tribute's most popular 'pipe' to lowsec and Empire space. As these things tend to go, there was no FC and no organization, just a Mumble channel and vigilant eyes. Such eyes noticed a Nightmare, one of the most expensive subcapitals in the game, appear on directional scan; after a few minutes he had been probed out — near Planet 1, no less. The fleet landed, pointed, and popped this seemingly unaware faction battleship. SMI2LE, a RAZOR Alliance Hurricane pilot, moved in to loot the wreck. He was in for a surprise.

(5:10:37 PM) smi2le: as i was @500m on him, once the wreck was opend i just....
(5:10:39 PM) smi2le: well
(5:10:46 PM) Alikchi: hehehe
(5:10:49 PM) smi2le: not sure what ...

It's a ridiculous officer ratting fit, with individual guns worth more than a Vindicator hull and the whole assemblage only a little less valuable than a titan. This is the kind of exorbitance that makes seasoned PVPers "need to look about 5 times to make sure I counted the number of figures in the kill." The 'snowflake fleet' had caught a supercap's worth of subcap — and a juicy 3.7b pod, to boot. The fit itself isn't even particularly good considering the ISK expended, with strange rigs, a poor choice of cap booster, and no tracking mods. His pod even lacks the critical Crystal Omega implant.

As for the victim's intentions, we can only extrapolate. (He had not responded to inquiries as of this writing.) The character cs0amc is a little over 9 years old, and it seems likely that he’s amassed a considerable fortune after so much play. No record of character sale or transfer has been found. Without evidence, the Eve-Kill comments about RMT are your typical anti-Slavic racism. Cs0amc was a member of BOAE INC when it was a member of Brick Squad, Rolling Thunder and GIANTSBANE. He left in May, shortly after BOAE joined Red Alliance. Motivation? Maybe he wanted to do some ninja ratting in real style and got sloppy. Maybe he wanted to quit the game and leave a beautiful lossmail behind.

Kiri Jol, the GENTS Curse pilot in the gang, gave a short summary of the fight itself:

We all landed, someone stated point, I immediately began neuting with all three neuts. I did not really see any type of hostile actions by him in attempting to escape or fight off the attack. There has been some speculation on the Eve-Kill page that he was AFK: a strong possibility.

Cs0amc’s unlaunched drones and unused cap boosters bolster the argument. Apparently, he wasn't even aligned.

SMI2LE has begun selling the loot and intends to split the earnings between all who participated. The lucky ten on the killmail are looking forward to their 2+billion ISK payouts, I’m sure.

Report: Kiri Jol of GENTS
Report: SMI2LE of RAZOR
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